Charity Of The Month: Golden Futures

Three Cambodian children site behind a bunch of mult-coloured flowers and smile into the camera because they’re received support from Golden Futures
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Our July 2021 Charity of the Month works with organisations in Cambodia, pioneering and funding projects that support disadvantaged children to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Golden Futures provides Cambodian children with mentoring, financial support and loan scholarships, promoting self-reliance and self-advancement. 

Our profile explains how Golden Futures was founded, what projects it operates and how you can support this great charity.

Golden Futures founded to give Cambodian kids a bright future 

Golden Futures was founded in 2007 by two university students who wanted to do something to ensure that the Cambodian children they had been volunteering with had a brighter future. 

The pair hit upon the idea of launching the charity after volunteering in Cambodia and seeing that vulnerable children weren’t getting a fair chance in life. 

Denied the access to support and education many of us take for granted, many Cambodian children risked being trapped in a life of severe poverty and extreme working conditions.  

Golden Futures puts that right with projects that provide kids from Cambodia with the mentoring, financial assistance and scholarships they deserve. 

Golden Futures gives children financial & educational support

Education is perhaps the most powerful weapon in the fight against child poverty. Education gives children the support, confidence and tools to empower themselves. 

Golden Futures helps Cambodian children to gain access to higher education and career support, so they can design and build their own careers and businesses. 

The charity operates a range of projects to help children in Cambodia, with these being some of its most successful ones: 

  • New Future for Children (NFC)
  • Countryside Education Project (CSEP)
  • Phnom Penh University Guide
  • Advanced Centre for Empowerment (ACE)

Visit Golden Futures now and head to the ‘Our Projects’ page to find out exactly how these projects are helping Cambodian children to earn the futures they deserve.  

How can I help Golden Futures to continue its mission?

Golden Futures supports arguably the most noble cause a charity can get behind — helping disadvantaged children to shape their lives and careers in the way they want to. 

The charity can’t do all its good work alone. It needs people like yourself to continue its mission and you can provide your support by making a donation today. 

Head over to Golden Futures’ donation page now and help Cambodian children to enjoy a brighter future. 

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