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MicroStartups care about your business & the wider world

Micro businesses are essential to society. Millions of hard-working solopreneurs, SMEs, startups, and part-time brands help make the world a smarter, brighter, and wealthier place. We care about these companies and want to help your business become the next micro success story.

We started MicroStartups because our experts are inspired by people who build their companies from nothing, driven by their passion to succeed and supported by the right guidance. MicroStartups is your one-stop shop for tips, tricks, and more.

Whatever the size of your company or scale of your dreams, our articles are here to help you take the next step and we’re here to spread the word about your micro business.

Great resources for startups & micro businesses of all sizes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned solopreneur, or starting your first company, running a micro business is tough. Business owners need all the tools they can to be successful, and MicroStartups is your online destination for everything startup.

You’ll find:

  • Beginner’s guides
  • Top lists of great software
  • ‘How to…’ articles

…and lots more!

We also love talking about startup challenges, sharing inspirational entrepreneurial stories, and supporting community projects. If you have any advice you want to share, let us know – we’d love to turn your business success story into a great resource for your fellow micro business owners.

Expert marketing tips for new business owners & gifted pros

Even the very best businesses need to tell people how great they are. For micro businesses to achieve their full potential they need a marketing strategy that shouts loudly, broadly, and concisely. MicroStartups have the marketing blog posts to help your company reach your audience, whatever your niche.

Charity is at the heart of everything we do for micro businesses

MicroStartups is your go-to place for all your charity news and insight. We proudly donate all of our web revenue to charities supporting startups, entrepreneurs, and other worthy causes.

Each month we recognise the great work done by one charity, shouting about what they do to help micro businesses and solopreneurs create their own success. Check out our Charity of the Month section to see if there’s a charity that can help your company.

We donate to great charities that support entrepreneurs

Any money made from affiliate clicks is donated to charities that support entrepreneurs, new businesses and other worthy causes. We are inspired by people that are working hard to support themselves and their families, and we want to give them the support they deserve.

We may generate a small amount of affiliate income from this site (at absolutely no cost to you).

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