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Artbox London
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We’re back with our monthly commentary on a charity that’s doing some truly wonderful things. September’s star is Artbox London. Set up in 2011, this charity works to bring people with learning disabilities closer into their communities by giving them access to the creative arts and helping them to earn an income from their artwork.

How Artbox does its great work

Artbox sees the arts as something that not only should be available to everyone, but as a force for helping people to increase their independence and grow as individuals. As one of the parents of an Artbox artist explains:

“It’s great for developing self-esteem and a sense of independence… for my daughter, it has contributed to a little bit of growing up.”

The charity offers a number of services for the people it helps:

Artbox runs workshops in Islington. Here, the artists are encouraged by volunteers to test out their skills in a variety of mediums, including: collage, painting, embroidery, model making, photography and printmaking. The artists are encouraged to find their own path and develop into their own creative force.

The charity also arranges trips to both libraries and galleries in London, giving the artists a chance to be more closely involved in the culture of the city that they call home. The artists use public transport to travel during these trips, the intention being that it will boost their independence and self-confidence.

Not only do the artists produce great works of art, they also have the opportunity to show them off in public exhibitions.

Selling their art
The artists are able to sell their art through exhibitions and via Artbox’s online shop. All of the profits made through the sale of these works of art are split among the artists, providing them with a source of income. This is important because many people with learning disabilities find it difficult or stressful to secure paid work. The income they receive from selling their art helps them to become more independent.

Artbox London

Some very satisfied artists, and rightly so

How can I get involved with Artbox?

There are six ways in which can support this brilliant charity:

You can volunteer to take part in one of the studio sessions, trips or exhibitions held by Artbox.

Corporate Support
You can purchase one or more of the many pieces of artwork produced by the artists, volunteer your time or skills, or sponsor a session.

Challenge Yourself
You could participate in Ride London, Swim Serpentine, Royal London Parks Half Marathon, or a charity abseil.

Become A Member
You can make a direct contribution to the artists via the Artbox Friend Scheme.

Attend An Exhibition
You can attend one of Artbox’s exhibitions and see their great artwork for yourself.

You are able to make a donation to Artbox here.

If you or anyone you know wants to get involved with Artbox in any way at all, then please do not hesitate to contact them, so that this wonderful charity can continue to help people with learning disabilities flourish.

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