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Getting a good hosting provider for your website doesn’t have to cost the Earth. There are a few different hosting options out there you might want to consider (like shared or dedicated), but whatever you do, make sure you go with someone reliable and reputable. Bad hosting can really pull a website down in the usability stakes by slowing it down and stopping it from working properly. Here are some budget web hosting reviews to help you make a good decision on your hosting provider. Happy hosting!


“Web hosting with care”, Siteground promises to offer a premium hosting package without the premium price tag. Siteground has amassed a huge number of positive online reviews from happy customers, which says a lot. Often featured near the top of roundup posts, you probably can’t go too wrong with the people’s choice.

  • Great uptime records (99.9%) which is great for SEO (and users)
  • Good choice for WordPress newbies, Siteground works very well with WordPress sites
  • Siteground have a good customer support team who are known to be very helpful and who are available 24/7 to help you with your requests


Fun hosting alligator “Snappy” is the brainchild of Florida student entrepreneur Brent, founded in 2002 (their company HQ is now in Texas). Trusted and powerful, Hostgator is a great choice for cheap and quality hosting.

  • They’ve been around for awhile and have a loyal fan base
  • Easy to use, Hostgator offers all the usual features like email and website templates
  • No one-step WordPress export

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is one of the most recognisable hosting brands thanks to the domain arm of their business (10 million domains and counting). One of the largest in the game, they are often plagued by hit and miss hosting reviews from users.

  • More expensive than other budget hosting packages
  • Unlimited storage (1oo GB for the Economy package)
  • On-demand hosting upgrades available (e.g. in case of sudden traffic surge)


Bluehost offers simple and secure no-frills hosting. Big on open-source, these guys are based in Utah. Bluehost are great because they offer lots of support, advice and tutorials for those users who need a bit more help.

  • Unlimited disk space, emails, and transfers
  • 1-on-1 training available
  • 24/7 in-house support and a help centre with video tutorials
  • WordPress expertise

1 & 1

1 & 1 say the are trusted by over 13 million “customer contacts”. We can certainly see why: they offer a good package packed with features for a reasonable price.

  • Solid uptime reults
  • Range of hosting packages from basic to pro
  • Linux or Windows servers
  • You need the pro website builder plan in order to customise website templates with code

One of the main things to consider when selecting a hosting provider for the first time (other than budget) is to go with a company who offer a simple and easy set up process with plenty of support. What is your main concern when selecting a web hosting service?

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