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8 Of The Best Gifts For Entrepreneurs And New Business Owners

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Struggling to find a fitting gift for the budding entrepreneur in your life? The business mind is a unique breed that requires functional goodies beyond mere Christmas socks and chocolate boxes (although we will admit that the right pair of socks can make a cracking present). So what are the best gifts for entrepreneurs?

Most people know someone in business or attempting to get their startup off the ground. If you’re a family member or friend, buying something useful can go a long way. Or at least make it beyond the bin, unlike the umteenth Lynx Africa wash set. 

While gifting anything is a commendable gesture, try avoiding cliches and generic presents; finding something specific they can appreciate is a brilliant way to show support.

Entrepreneurs and business owners have a difficult task and are passionate about their role, so it is important to reflect this in your present choices, and to bear this in mind when you’re browsing gifts for entrepreneurs.

Here are some top gifts you can get for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and budding business minds. 

Gifts for a new business owner

Looking for the perfect new business gift? We’ve got you covered:

USB adaptors

Image: Pexels

We’re going with functional over excitement with this first gift idea. 

Connectivity is a big boost for new business owners, yet modern laptops seem allergic to USB. So, as Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and others look to streamline their product with fresh new designs, our ability to link up equipment goes down the pan. 

Although it may sound like a boring gift, USB adaptors can make a real difference to your giftee’s working environment. This simple tool will allow them to set up Bluetooth keyboards, connect audio devices, and build an all-in-one workstation.

You don’t need anything special when it comes to USB adaptors — they’re a simple tool that facilitates powerful benefits. That’s why our pick is BYEASY’s 4-Port USB Hub — a small lightweight adaptor that is both affordable and stylish. 

French press

Image: Pexels

Business startups take a tonne of dedication to cultivate into a potentially profitable operation. For all those sleepless nights and early rises, coffee is the eternal elixir which kickstarts the day.

But being just a stone’s throw from a cafe in any direction nowadays has turned us into coffee snobs — a jar of instant coffee simply won’t suffice anymore. Thankfully a french press can save the morning and allow new business owners to start the day with a good cup of joe.

These devices are a way to make delicious coffee without the hassle of a machine. You get a full-bodied brew and a sense of satisfaction which sets you off on a productive day in the office. 

Our top pick is the Bodum Chambord — a french press that is simple to use and has an attractive design. Better yet, it has an affordable price tag set between £22 and £40 at any given sale. 

Portable charger

Image: Pexels

Power banks and portable chargers are the ultimate functional gift for new business owners. 

When managing a startup, devices like phones, tablets, and laptops quickly become an essential lifeline to carry out tasks. But as owners are run ragged throughout the day, you’ll soon discover the charge capacity of these items to be a finite resource. 

If you’re a busy business owner, opportunities to sit for long periods around a mains outlet will be few and far between. Power banks and portable chargers provide added convenience and flexibility throughout the working day. 

Picking the right portable charger often depends on what sort of phone someone has. But not if you go universal. Our go-to is an iMuto Compact Portable Charger — a power bank with a huge 20,000mAh capacity. So as long as your giftee isn’t bothered by a weighty gadget, this is the perfect present for them. 

Gifts for small business owners

Here are our favourite choices of gifts for business owners:

Robot vacuum

Image: Pexels

When dedicating all your time towards a new business, often things can slip around the house. Suddenly there’s little spare time to clean the house, and carpets can get pretty wild. (Especially if you have a resident furry creature like my yellow labrador, Molly). 

Thankfully the future is here and robot vacuums can do the chores for us, thereby leaving time to perfect a business strategy or finish off the last nagging task on Asana. 

These tools can also maintain your mental state and improve efficiency. Simply knowing that work areas are tidy can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on work. However, be warned — such gadgets are on the pricey side and are a fairly sizable investment. 

Feeling extra generous? You could go with Roomba 980 — a cleaner that boasts an intelligent navigation system and long battery life. But the steep £500+ price tag is a major downside — only get this as a gift if you’ve got a good amount of disposable income and you really love the giftee. 

Alternatively, an Ecovacs Deebot is much more affordable and easy to use. Plus, it’s supported by Alexa so can integrate with other devices around the house. 

A good notebook

Image: Pexels

Ideas can fly out of thin air and the business mind needs to jot them down before they disappear. Not only that — small business owners also have to keep track of endless tasks and projects. 

In both cases, it is vital to have a notebook at hand to make sure nothing falls by the wayside. Reminders and ideas are not bound by typical office hours, and they can often occur in the most inconvenient of places. 

Whether you’re carpooling or tucked up in bed, being able to lean over and jot something down is a blessing. Plus it’s a real relief to get away from the sea of tech that often surrounds you. 

However, the benefit of simplicity doesn’t mean you should scrimp on your gift. Many top options beat a crumpled old wad of cheap paper in the supermarket, and it’s a chance to really show your support. At marketplaces like Getting Personal, you can customise notepads with special messages. 

Best gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Here are some of the best — and most thoughtful — gifts for entrepreneurs:


Image: Amazon

We gain a lot of energy from sunlight and — even if they feel like a different breed — budding entrepreneurs are no different. 

Our wellness can be influenced by the sun. Without it, we experience low moods and lethargy, which can harm productivity and overall motivation. So when the days get dull and rainy, we recommend buying a happy light to liven up the place.

Happy lights — also known as happy lamps, light therapy lamps, and SAD lamps — give the user extra light exposure during the winter months.

The Veilux HappyLight is one of our favourite gifts for entrepreneurs. This great gift will energise your giftee naturally during the working day; they say stimulating the retinas with bright lights can help produce serotonin and lift our mood, so this will no doubt help an entrepreneur power through a tough day of arduous tasks. 

Happy lights can be found all over the web and come in all shapes and sizes. If your giftee is working from home then we recommend a compact version to fit on their desk. 

Audiobooks and e-readers

Image: Pexels

While I’ll be the first to admit my love for the smell of new books, I also concede that audio is a dominant force in the modern world. It’s often hard to find gifts for an entrepreneur because they frequently lack the time to enjoy them. But avid readers can consume content on the move with audiobooks and e-readers. 

Audiobooks and subscriptions make for great gifts as they take up no room (other than a saved file on your phone) which means your giftee won’t need to lug books around in a bag all of the time. On top of that, they can listen as they work or use it to drift off to sleep in the evening. 

E-readers, on the other hand, are perfect for lovers of the written word. The problem with audiobooks is the fact you lack physical interaction. As a result, some of the story’s magic can be lost. 

You can get the best of both worlds by purchasing a Kindle with an Audible subscription. With both items being Amazon products, they easily integrate on a single account. 

Amazon Echo speaker

Image: Pexels

Sometimes it feels like Amazon has taken over the world in recent decades and its latest Echo speaker is no exception.

These devices have become household items and are the butt of the joke in many comedy shows like Southpark. But nobody can deny how useful they are to people on a daily basis. 

They make the perfect gift for someone who needs to streamline their life.

I own one myself and use it to get news headlines, check the weather, schedule my day, and a plethora of other miscellaneous tasks — I couldn’t live without it. 

There are many forms of the Amazon Echo, each coming with varying price tags and functionality. We recommend opting for the Echo Dot is a compact version of the smart speaker and has much smaller price than its siblings. 

Has any of these suggestions piqued your interest? 

These are some of the best gifts for entrepreneurs out there — and from the technological heights of robot vacuums and artificial intelligence to a simple leather-bound notebook, there are plenty of options to choose from. But, whatever you settle on, make sure the entrepreneur in your life can make use of it.

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