How to Repurpose Blog Content Into Engaging Visuals

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We all know that recycling is good for the planet. But did you know that recycling can help you achieve your marketing goals, too? Repurposing content that’s already performing well is the most reliable way to generate a lot more high-quality content, quickly.

Creating content is time-consuming. It takes time to research, draft, edit, publish and promote each brand new piece of content. On top of that, it’s tough to repeatedly come up with exciting new ideas for content that your audience will love. It’s a demanding process through and through. That’s probably why the idea of repurposing content has recently taken the content marketing world by storm.

29% of leading marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content. (Curata)

You can repurpose content by:

– Repurposing a blog post into an infographic
– Repurposing a report into a presentation slide deck
– Repurposing a presentation slide deck into a print brochure
– Repurposing a blog post into an Ebook
– Repurposing an infographic into a social media image
– Repurposing a social media image into a header for an email newsletter

So get the most mileage possible out of your content by repurposing it visually. Take your best performing blog posts and repurpose them into an infographic, a presentation, social media quotes and much more!

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