New project from the Tencent studio: All ways to quickly accumulate gold in Tarisland

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Tarisland is a new project from the Tencent studio, which has set itself the ambitious goal of ousting World of Warcraft from the championship of the world MMO RPG and occupying the Chinese and European game markets.

While the project is at an early stage and is actively developing, those who love leadership should think in advance about leveling up and earning gold in order to be one of the first. You can complete quests, go hunting, storm raids, or simply buy Tarisland gold in Skycoach for your character.


What you need to do to approach future Tarisland updates with a supply of gold

Gold is the best resource that you can accumulate for future updates, because regardless of the rarity of the item, someone will still be able to get it, and it can be bought with enough gold in Tarisland, so always try to have a supply of the main currency project.

Complete quests

This is the most basic and understandable way to gain experience and gold in Tarisland, which is offered by Tencent developers.

Everything is simple, through quests the player is given specific tasks, the game mechanics are gradually taught and the plot of the events in which he finds himself is explained.

It’s more interesting, more profitable and easier to play this way, because the player is only required to follow the instructions, for which Tarisland gold, experience and various rewards are given, such as new weapons, armor and resources.

Quests can be main or secondary, so always pay attention to the NPCs that are in the area, if they have a task for you, then a bright sign will burn above their heads that you will not miss.

Carefully monitor the final reward, which will be indicated below before accepting the quest, because unlike story assignments, not all tasks from NPCs are profitable, and you may not want to waste your time on such tasks.

Go hunting

If you come to any location that suits your level with the help of quests, or on your own, then you will quickly understand that monsters drop pure Tarisland gold and sometimes resources and very sometimes weapons and armor for different classes. All this can be accumulated for crafting and future sale, or simply offered to merchants and received gold for it.

All you need is stable damage and a long gaming session, but you can always organize a group, because a squad will destroy a large number of monsters much faster.

Despite the fact that all the gold and experience will be divided among all players in the group, this is still beneficial, because such a squad will destroy enemies much faster than you can do it alone.

Try to combine hunting and quests to get the maximum resources and experience per game session, and return to the city when your inventory is full and the monsters no longer bring experience. Then you can turn in all the tasks, take on new ones, unload your inventory and continue the hunt.


Collect resources and engage in crafting

In any online game and Tarisland will be no exception, it is important to be able not only to collect resources that are associated with quests, hunting and collecting materials, but also to use them correctly.

You can accumulate them and transform them into steel, leather, or fabric items and equip your hero, or sell this equipment to other players who do not want to craft, but are willing to pay Tarisland gold for these items.

So far the project does not have many levels and crafting may seem like a useless undertaking, but everything will change when the developers from Tencent add game levels and if you lay the foundations for craft professions in advance, then you will have an advantage over other players, especially at first, when prices new items will be significantly higher due to their rarity, until the item market is filled with them.

Remember that for tanks and warriors you need to master blacksmithing and mining, for archers – leatherworking, and for magicians and healers you need tailoring and the creation of magic staves.

Go on raids

Raids are dungeons in which the boss and his retinue are located, and you need a squad to enter enemy territory and challenge them.

You will need a tank who will hold enemies and protect your less protected allies, a bard who will apply buffs and provide health and mana regeneration, a healer who will support the survival of the group and resurrect the fallen if necessary.

The remaining places can be filled by attacking classes, and the best thing that can be done is to take different professions, rather than the same type.

If possible, pay attention to physical damage, because it is more stable for the boss, and magical damage for destroying guards.

For victory, you will receive a random reward from the drop list, and often this is equipment and weapons of Mythic or Legendary quality, which you can then sell profitably, or keep for yourself and speed up your farming in the future.

Conclusions on ways to earn gold in Tarisland

In any MMO RPG, it is important to be able to farm and get gold in all possible ways, because this gives you access to buying any equipment and weapons for your hero that you cannot knock out or get yourself.

You will be able to get Tarisland gold through a system of story and side quests that will guide you through the storyline and help the local residents, and at the same time teach you the main game mechanics.

You can go hunting alone, or as part of a group and destroy a large number of monsters in order to collect gold and resources from them, which you can then sell or save for future crafting.

Item crafting professions are still in their infancy, but with future Tencent updates they will change this situation, so it is better to upgrade the skills you need in advance.

If you are a tank or a warrior, then choose blacksmithing and mining; if you are a barbarian or an archer, then choose leatherworking and tailoring if you are a mage or a healer.

In the future, you will be able to equip yourself with weapons and armor even if you cannot get it in raids or from quests, and you can always sell any excess to other players and get your cheap Tarisland gold.

As for raids, they are the most fun way to challenge difficult bosses and claim rare rewards in the form of weapons and armor. You need to gather your own group, or join an existing one.

It is important that the group includes a tank that will protect less protected players, a bard for buffing and regenerating mana and health, a healer to remove negative effects and resurrect if necessary, and different representatives of the attack with a variety of damage.

If you win, you will receive items that will strengthen your character, or replenish your wallet with Tarisland gold for selling them, which is also profitable.

Don’t forget about simple trading, which will help you get money from players who are not very knowledgeable about current prices.

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