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Intelligent Content Management Ignites An Excellent Content Experience

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The ability to create personalized experiences at all touchpoints with the user makes all the difference in marketing strategies. Companies have begun to understand the importance of seizing this opportunity since the web turned 2.0, i.e. bidirectional web.

In the report, Intelligent Content Management, Forrester Consulting asked decision makers what are their most decisive priorities in the next 12 months:

  • Aligning the customer experience offered by the brand with its promise (40%).
  • Pursuing customer centricity (39%)
  • Making better use of data and analytics (39%)
  • Increasing customization capacity (36%)

Content is the way to achieve these objectives. But their role in attracting and engaging customers is undermined by some serious problems related to their management.

The research, carried out by Forrester in collaboration with THRON and involving more than 200 top European companies, has identified the main pain points of Content Management processes.

The Content Challenges

The companies themselves revealed what the underlying problem is. 40% of them affirm they don’t have the technology, or have not implemented the appropriate processes, to aggregate and analyze the data.

In other cases, however, the technological tools are there and are used in the various phases of the content life cycle, but are not coordinated with each other.

The percentage rises to 66% in the phase closest to the customer, that of content distribution in the various channels. Using different tools, the metrics measuring the interest that users show in what we publish cannot be uniform.

Data scattered across multiple platforms won’t give us the analytical framework necessary to customize the customer experience. 

Intelligent Content Management

The research has identified a niche of companies, 20% of the total, that have adopted an intelligent content management strategy. 

This led them to operational advantages and better business performance, benefits that exceed by more than 10% the expectations of those companies that have still not implemented it.

For their pioneering role, the niche companies were defined as “early adopters”. They have been able to scale their content production and automate customization thanks to:

1) Centralized distribution

It means uploading all the corporate content to a single hub, and then distributing it to the various channels from there. This implies the uniqueness of each piece of content, which is not duplicated and can be updated on every channel at any time, by simply replacing the original file.

2) Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence is a consequence of centralized distribution. As all the occurrences across channels refer to a single piece of content, it is possible to collect aggregate data on how it is performing. If AI is applied to the content, it is also possible to obtain qualitative information on user interests, in addition to the quantitative information that the company already owns.

As far as customer experience is concerned, the early adopters (which are the companies that have implemented centralized distribution and content intelligence) shows an ability to meet the users’ expectations 19% higher than the other companies.

And their ability to automate content personalization is 42% (against 35%). 

Adopting intelligent content management strategies proves to be the most effective way to customize a company’s messages, based on the knowledge of the customers and their preferences as they navigate. 

Try it yourself!

Author Bio: This article, exploring Why intelligent content management is the key to offering better customer experiences, was created using evidence from research conducted by Forrester Consulting in collaboration with THRON.

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