How to Enjoy YouTube Without Ads on iPhone: Insider Tips for Smooth Watching

Hrvoje Š.
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Experiencing ads while enjoying YouTube videos on your iPhone can disrupt your viewing pleasure, turning a seamless stream into a fragmented series of interruptions. Recognizing this common frustration, this blog post aims to unveil insider tips to navigate around these pesky ads, ensuring an uninterrupted YouTube experience on your iPhone. Whether you’re in the middle of a gripping documentary or following a step-by-step tutorial, the solutions provided here will help you enjoy YouTube content without the constant intrusion of advertisements. 

Using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium stands out as a robust solution for those seeking an ad-free viewing experience. Beyond eliminating ads, it offers perks like background play, allowing you to listen to videos while using other apps, and offline downloads for on-the-go entertainment. Subscribing to YouTube Premium on your iPhone is straightforward: launch the YouTube app, tap on your profile, and select “Get YouTube Premium.” The process is seamless, integrating with your Apple ID for easy billing. 

Utilizing YouTube Vanced

For those looking for an alternative to YouTube Premium, YouTube Vanced offers a compelling choice. This third-party application provides an ad-free YouTube experience, complete with additional features like background playback and advanced ad-blocking capabilities. Installing YouTube Vanced on an iPhone involves using third-party app stores or sideloading methods, which may require a bit more technical savvy. It’s crucial to source the app from reputable platforms to avoid security risks. 

Ad-blocking Apps

Several ad-blocking apps available on the App Store can significantly enhance your YouTube viewing experience on iPhone. These YouTube adblock for iPhone work by filtering out ads before they reach your screen, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted playback. To use these apps, simply download them from the App Store, then navigate to your iPhone’s settings to enable the ad-blocking functionality specifically for YouTube. It’s vital to choose reputable ad-blocking apps to avoid compromising your device’s security and privacy. 

Safari Ad-Blocking

Utilizing ad-blocking extensions within Safari presents another avenue for mitigating YouTube ads on your iPhone. These extensions can be enabled through the Safari settings, offering a straightforward way to block ads while watching YouTube directly from the browser. This method requires installing a reputable ad-blocking extension from the App Store and configuring it via the Safari settings. While effective to a degree, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations and considerations of this approach, such as potential compatibility issues and the impact on website functionality.

Watching Offline

Downloading YouTube videos for offline viewing emerges as a seamless solution to enjoy content without ads. This feature, available through the YouTube app for Premium subscribers, allows for the preloading of videos, which can then be watched without interruption or additional data consumption. To download a video, simply find the download button below the video description and select your preferred resolution. 


Navigating around YouTube ads on your iPhone is achievable through various means, each offering distinct advantages tailored to different viewing preferences and technical comfort levels. From the comprehensive benefits of YouTube Premium to the technical workaround of YouTube Vanced, the ad-blocking efficiency of dedicated apps, the browser-based solution of Safari ad-blocking, and the convenience of offline downloads, there’s a solution for everyone. 

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