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5 Amazing Business Ideas For Eco-Entrepreneurs

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The eco-friendly business niche is booming. As the world faces up to the reality of climate change, consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable and eco-friendly practices from brands.

The popularity of this eco-revolution has opened up the market for a variety of green businesses for eco-entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Here are five that can inspire you to start an eco-friendly business today.

Help city dwellers become city growers

Consumers today are increasingly concerned with where their food comes from. Even fast food chains like McDonald’s are making clear in their marketing where and how their ingredients are sourced.

And what began as a niche foodie trend has blossomed into a legitimate industry. The best way for consumers to know with absolute certainty where their food comes from is by growing it themselves.

For those living in the country, there is often plenty of green space in which to grow their own fruit, vegetables, and herbs. But for city dwellers, space is a valuable (and scarce) commodity.

Selling dedicated packages of seeds that would suit small spaces — balconies, rooftop gardens, window ledges — is a strong business idea that city dwellers would relish.

Even after the eco-revolution, convenience is key. Urban growing kits take the stress out of gardening by making it easy for customers to create their own urban gardens, no matter how limited their space.

Educate eco-novices about the green revolution

The green movement has been quietly smouldering away for years. However, since the publication of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report earlier this year, it was thrust to the fore.

As a result, a whole generation of eco-converts have made steps to reduce their carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the planet.

But for many, they don’t know where to start. Many people don’t know what they can and can’t recycle, whether or not they should go vegan, or how they can generally live a more eco-friendly life.

So creating a one-stop shop that covers everything novices need to know meets their needs, and is easily monetizable.

Start a website that covers everything eco-novices might need to know. From brushing their teeth to cooking, cover every base.

Use keyword research to identify the most common problems that people face when trying to go green and create comprehensive, search engine optimized blogs that answer those queries.

There are a number of monetizing methods you can use for this. Advertising space is the most obvious, but creating affiliate posts for green businesses is another popular route.

Start an ink and toner refilling business

Businesses are well aware of the impact of paper on the planet, and most have implemented strict recycling schemes in their offices to combat this.

But there are plenty more businesses who think nothing of throwing away empty ink cartridges from their printers. As well as being wasteful, ink cartridges are also expensive to buy new.

Consequently, an ink refill business is a perfectly viable idea that helps offices meet sustainability targets while saving money too.

Starting such a business isn’t just good for the planet. It’s also easy to do and requires little startup capital. Learning to refill cartridges can be done online, and the ink and toner themselves are also very affordable when bought wholesale.

And as most ink refilling businesses are mobile, you wouldn’t need a plush office in a tower block. All you’d need is a small truck and somewhere to store your chemicals.

It’s not the most glamorous of business ideas, but it’s green and it meets a demand that virtually every business has.

Eco alternatives made easy

Many of the products we use everyday are bad for the planet. We use and throw away disposable toothbrushes, cosmetics, tampons, and more, resulting in massive waste.

As people gradually realize how much waste they create, eco-savvy consumers seek sustainable alternatives to the everyday products they use. Rather than spending money on a product they’ll use once then throw away, shoppers want something green and permanent.

So a business selling eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products provides a popular business niche for eco-entrepreneurs.

And this is relatively simple to set up. You just need to build a website, either from scratch or by finding a website for sale for a quick shortcut, then connect with your eco-friendly suppliers. Most suppliers won’t manage order fulfillment for you, instead providing you with the stock so you can send it on. But there are some great eco-friendly dropshipping sites that provide green products with order fulfillment included.

Become a green energy installer

Time is running out for fossil fuels. As governments around the world put in place legislation restricting or taxing the sale of non-renewable fuels, consumers look for greener and more affordable ways of generating energy.

This has opened up the market for businesses offering green energy solutions. The two most obvious solutions that spring to mind are solar panels and wind turbines.

While these have in the past been met with disdain by some, consumers today realize the benefits that these provide. Once the initial installation costs have been recouped, customers are able to source their own energy from the comfort of their own home.

In some states, installing such products require specific licenses and certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. While the latter certification isn’t mandatory, it shows prospective customers that you are a professional.

The eco-revolution has paved the way for a variety of green businesses. Use the ideas above for inspiration for your own eco-business, and start taking advantage of the green revolution today.

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