Why it’s important to ensure company cars are well maintained

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Every business owner takes pride in all facets of their company, whether that be the product, their employees, or maintaining customer satisfaction.

And that idea should not take a backseat when it comes to the provision of company cars.

Statistics for the year 2021/22 show that where 720,000 employees paying company car tax, and maintaining these vehicles not only bring professional benefits but financial ones too.

So, if your company offers a fleet of cars for its employees to use for business purposes it is important to remember not to scrimp and ensure they are always well maintained. Here’s why.

It looks professional

When it comes to running a business, one of the key fundamentals is professionalism.

And that runs through every facet of your operations including your company cars. Perception is everything.

Keeping a well-maintained car should be something that is promoted throughout the business and should be encouraged to your employees or those using company cars.

Have them regularly serviced

Being in possession of a company car is no different than being in possession of a privately owned vehicle.

That is to say they should be regularly serviced. Doing so not only protects the person driving the company car but other road users too.

It may be that you require an aircon regas if you travel a lot during the summer. But you should also do checks on oil, tyres and brakes – all the key fundamentals that will help employees when using the car.

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Monitor mileage

It stands to reason that if you are allowing an employee the use of a company car, then they will probably be doing a lot of business trips in it.

Therefore, one of the biggest business expenses you will incur will be fuel costs.

So, it makes sense to monitor each vehicle’s fuel efficiency and work out how much this may cost based on how often your employees will be using the cars.

Using vehicles with a higher fuel efficiency can help save a lot of money, but also will also help with your company’s carbon footprint.

Reduction in operating costs

Time is money. Efficiency is king. Some cliches still ring true in modern business, and essentially every pound matters when running a successful business.

So, you do not want to be scrimping or taking shortcuts when picking your fleet of cars or maintaining them, as ultimately it may end up hitting you in the pockets further down the line.

Regularly servicing your company cars will ultimately help lower your operating costs, and that is always a good thing.

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