What are the benefits of hiring someone who served in the Armed Forces?

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People who have served in any of the branches of the Armed Forces – notably the British Army, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force – are known as the veteran population. In 2021, there were at least 1,800,000 veterans in England and Wales, making up almost 1 in 25 people aged over 16.

After active service, veterans often face various challenges in adapting to civilian society. Even though they’re just as likely to have some money saved up, veterans still need to find a sustainable job afterwards. 

With their physical strength, specialist skills and unique experiences, employing veterans could help to diversify and extend the talents in your workforce. Whether you’re a recruiter or heading a growing team, it’s always worth knowing about the value of hiring Armed Forces veterans. 

Why hire a veteran?

If you’re searching for highly skilled individuals to join your team, never overlook veterans from the Armed Forces. No matter their role, soldiers and officers are trained to undertake a variety of tasks during their serving years. 

Basic army skills include teamwork, discipline, and following orders, but the individual skills of each veteran will be exceptionally diverse. Whether they are electricians, lawyers, doctors, parachutists or infantry, you should never assume that veterans will have the same experiences. 

Unfortunately, stigma surrounding the mental health of veterans often hinders their employment prospects. However, with a sympathetic view and an understanding of their potential and the benefits they bring, veterans can be an asset to any business.

Why do veterans occasionally struggle to work after serving?

Ex-military personnel possess valuable skills and experiences, yet they often face challenges in finding suitable employment due to the stigma surrounding their mental well-being. 

Research points to higher levels of PTSD amongst HM Armed Forces veterans, and common mental health conditions including anxiety and depression have been proven to hinder working opportunities too.

However, it’s important to note that many veterans will be finding ways to deal with their traumatic experiences independently. If they believe they have been dismissed unfairly, veterans can choose to work with military solicitors to defend their case. With a resolution in sight, focusing on a new career is made much easier.

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What are the benefits of hiring someone with military experience?

The expertise gained through a career in the Armed Forces is unmatched. Military expertise blends seamlessly into specialisms across a wide range of industries. By tapping into the talent pool available from those who served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force, your company could leverage and directly benefit from:

  • Qualifications: Armed Forces veterans are just as likely to have a qualification as those who’ve never served, bringing diverse certifications to your business.
  • Transferrable skills: Military expertise spans across a range of disciplines. From mechanical skills to teaching and medical experience, veterans are trained across so many areas.
  • Work ethic: Serving one’s country demands extremely high work ethic. Hiring a veteran means you’ll access true dedication and unwavering service.
  • Trustworthiness: Ex-military personnel are renowned for their reliability and dedication.
  • Cooperation:  Having worked in a tight-knit team throughout their careers, ex-military personnel will be ready to play a crucial role in your team.

How can I support veterans after hiring them?

Employers can support veterans to help facilitate their transition process. Along with being acutely aware of the relevant processes, grants, and networks available nationally, creating in-house schemes and support systems is imperative.

Always be sensitive to the unique struggles of veterans and never overlook the skills and talents they can bring to your business.

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