Video Interview: Is It The Future Of Recruitment?

Video Interview
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The recruiting market is becoming very challenging these days. The reason behind it is an increase in the skill gap where the limitation of qualified staff is great trouble. The talent shortage has affected 72.8% of employers and makes it hard for them to find suitable candidates for the job.

To resolve this recruitment trouble, an innovative approach in the recruitment process need to be implemented and in the present visual tech arena – Video Interview is that solution. With the video-based recruiting system, organizations can creatively engage with the candidates and connect with them in a better way. On the top, visual job posting ranks high on the search bar and appeals more to the candidates.

Importance of Video Interviewing Strategy

Reasons Justifying Video Interview in Recruitment Process

Video components can be implemented in every phase of recruitment – from interviewing candidates to providing them formal training. In the interview phase, videos can be used in multiple different manners, as I explain below.

#1. Increase Job Post Reach

Using a video platform to create a job post will offer you an SEO push that can improve your search engine presence. The search engine results page will increase the reach of your job organically. This is simply because Google loves video content.

Thus, when you are able to reach a large number of candidates, then you can easily call talented professionals for interviews. So, when a large number of professionals turn up for the interview, then you can easily select the best candidates from the pool of talent.

#2. Red Carpet for Global Talent

According to a CNBC report, 63% of companies are now opting for the video interview method. Thus, today if you want to attract the most talented professionals, then you have to effectively engage them. And, video is one of the engaging ways to hold the attention of talented people.

One aspect of talent shortage is that some areas have a scarcity of talent and some are surplus in the talent department. Thus, videos can smoothly connect you with busy candidates working in different cities.

#3. Swift Talent Analysis

The main reason for conducting an interview is to test the talent of a candidate. Using the face to face video-based interview, recruiters can access the talent and personality of a candidate better.

When candidates are in front of the recruiter’s screen, then using behavioural techniques or gestural tone of the candidates – the employer can better access the personality.

Moreover, through videos candidates can demonstrate their skills like conversation holding strategies with clients and other talents.

#4. Cut Down Cost of Interviewing

To organize an interview, the company has to perform lots of things like – find a location, call up experts to conduct an interview, advertising posts, organize refreshments for candidates and so much more.

To manage all these things, the company has to spend a particular sum and that can put a burden on the company’s expenditures.

So, opting for a video-based interview process can save lots of money for a company, such as travel costs and refreshment expenses.

#5. Enhancing Employer Brand

By using video content, you can promote your employer brand and enhance the brand of your business. Videos can be used to narrate a tale of your company and highlight all the achievements of your organization.

You can also present your company’s culture and values through videos as well. By doing all this, you can clearly convey a message to candidates that you are a big brand with a stronghold in the market.

#6. Beat Competition

Top class companies have already understood the value of video content and are using multiple visual interview tools to make the recruitment process efficient.

This means that your competitors are attracting talented people and going ahead of you. So, to stay ahead of your competition, you have to create your customized video interview channel from where you can interview and shortlist talent quickly.

#7. Deep Analysis

Video interviews can be recorded by the employer and can be reviewed later on to analyze the performance of candidates. They can pause and rewind interviews as much as they want to analyze the candidates and score them on various points.

Tips for Video Interviewing

  • If you are trying video-based interviews for the first time, then try to conduct a mock interview first.
  • There are plenty of different video tools available in the market, you got to select the best suitable tool on the priority.
  • Provide all the relevant details for a video interview with the candidates.
  • Create a curriculum for the interview in detail.
  • Before recording the interview process, make sure you get agreement to record from the candidate(s).

Video Interview – The Future

Interviews conducted through videos can save time and money, increase reach and efficiency, promote the brand and so much more.

Moreover, all the video statistics and challenges of recruitment programs have been clearly advocating that video-based interviews are the future of recruitment.

So, if you want to hire talented professionals for your company, then a video is the solution for you.

Author Bio: Samawat Shakil, is Content Manager at Xobin, an integrated skill assessment software for small & agile tech teams looking to do quick & fast hiring. She is curious about the ongoing digital trends around the world who believe in the philosophy of – content is the king and context is the queen.

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