The Startup’s Guide to Using Crunchbase Scraper for Competitive Analysis

Hrvoje Š.
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Crucnbase is a goldmine for finding needed information about viable startups. As you scrape Crunchbase you enter a new level of business competitiveness, with enough data to make quick and smart decisions. 

What is Crunchbase and what data to scrape? 

Crucnbase is a popular website that stores substantial information about various companies, startups, and investment opportunities. As of January 2024, there are over 1,200 billion-dollar “unicorn” startups worldwide. With this amount of billion-dollar startups, it can be tough to know which investment would still bring high returns, that’s where a data scraper comes in handy. 

Using scrapers to collect data from Crunchbase, investors and businesses can store all the needed startup details on their local storage units and then access all the data insights during competitive analysis. 

Some of the most scraped data for competitive analysis in the startup business include:

  • Rising industry trends. By analyzing scraped data, startups can detect rising trends, growth projections, and new startup techniques.  
  • Investor background info. Research investors that you choose to work with, and explore their business techniques and profile history. 
  • Startup details. Choosing the ideal startup includes analyzing it thoroughly, its business plan, capital, funding, etc. 
  • Corporate details. Make sure to research the startup company’s history, where any other startups failed, their revenue figures, and valuation estimates. 

Where to apply Crunchbase data in competitive analysis?

As research shows, 43% of US entrepreneurs have fears about startup failure. Fear is one of the main factors in losing a competitive edge in business, so it is utterly important that these entrepreneurs are well-informed and can let go of their fears. Here is how by simply scraping a Crunchbase database, entrepreneurs can gain back their competitive edge and enter new business areas and levels. 

Identify your competitors

Not only you can use Crunchbase scraped data to identify competitors in the business, but you can further analyze their business strategies that seem to work, funding techniques that they ought to use, all their startup potential, and detect their weak business areas that can be revised. 

Analyze the market landscape

To identify your ideal startup environment, you need to be well-informed about the overall market landscape. You must understand the number of competitors in your business area, where these competitors are getting their funding and all other assets they use. For example, data shows that the United States is the highest-ranked country for startups, this is the type of data you can find and use when deciding where to place your startup geographically. 

Check product and service offerings

As you are introducing a new startup you must make sure that the product or service you are offering doesn’t yet exist on the market. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and create a plan to become as strong as them, while overcoming their weaknesses and providing the next best thing on the market. 

The key benefits of using scraper data in analysis

Besides the vast amount of insights you can collect from a Crunchbase scraper, there are more advantages to scraping data than you might think. The key factors in the competitive analysis are gaming better insights than your competitors and making faster and smarter decisions before the industry can. Here is how a data scraper comes in handy for such situations:

  1. Real-time data. With a data scraper, there is no need to wait for data to enter the business surface. You can collect it on your own terms, before any other competitors. This means you’ll be the first to access data, allowing you to apply it to decisions before anyone else can. 
  2. No expertise is required. Scraping data from Crunchbase requires no professional requirements, meaning that any team member can scrape the data and analyze it right after. There is no need to wait while a specialist scrapes the data and gives you access to the files. 
  3. Filter search. The key to finding important data fast is being able to highlight from the vast lists, with a data scraper you can filter out what data to scrape or create search queries based on the data you are looking for. You will able to filter out specific data points, dates, investors, companies, startup sizes, etc. 

Final thoughts 

Allow Crunchbase to become your main market data supplier and you’ll notice how your decision-making advances, product and service offerings rise, and how quick you will become to make great competitive decisions. 

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