My iPhone Camera Makes My Skin Look Bad! Why?

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The internet is full of people complaining about the low-quality photos from the iPhone’s front camera. 

On all iPhone models, the front camera’s quality is not as great as the back camera’s. Most people often opt to use the rear camera to take selfies because of this reason.

However, this may seem tedious and has a cheaper fix than buying a new phone. We will share some handy tips that can help you improve the quality of your selfies.

Why Does My iPhone Camera Make My Skin Look Bad? 

Several issues can make your skin look bad on your iPhone camera. Some of the main problems could be a dirty lens or poor lighting. However, technical problems with your iPhone’s camera can also make your selfies look blurry.

A Dirty Lens

How often do you clean your iPhone’s camera lens? For an average person, the answer is probably never. Even with perfect lighting, a dirty camera lens will ruin your photos.

Avoid using a tissue or your shirt to clean your camera lens. The rough material may scratch the lens, further destroying the quality of your selfies.

Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth, similar to the one you use to clean your glasses. Also, do not spit or spray water on the lens since this may seep inside and destroy your phone.

Camera Settings

Camera settings also affect your photo quality. Expert photographers tinker with these settings to get the best out of the iPhone’s cameras. You can do the same. There are plenty of tutorials and guides on YouTube on adjusting the camera settings for the best selfies.

When adjusting the camera settings, try turning on the exposure feature. Usually, this allows you to select areas on your photo you want to focus or expose. In addition, you can also adjust the exposure settings by tapping the screen and sliding your finger.

Zooming In and Poor Lighting

Zooming in ruins the quality of your photos and will make your skin look bad. Instead of zooming in, move the camera closer to your face. If you’re taking selfies in a dark area, use a ring light to make your photos look better.

Background colors matter too. It’s best to get rid of any unnecessary items in the background. Backgrounds with soft colors such as pink, white, or gray can make your selfies look better. This is because these colors reflect light on your face.

Is It Normal That the iPhone 15 Camera Makes Skin Look Bad?

We came across several complaints about the iPhone 13 selfie camera quality during our research. The camera suffers from some issues, including color noise and white balance. Among others, these problems are often behind making your skin look bad.

However, all is not lost. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to improve the quality of your selfies.

How Can I Make My Skin Look Good on Camera?

Use a Third-Party Camera App

Third-party camera apps can help you take better and clearer selfies. Snapchat is a major player in this arena and greatly improves the quality of your selfies.

Most third-party camera apps use face detection to take better selfies. Moreover, some apps use voice assistants that help you pose and help you find better angles when taking photos.

Use the Back Camera Instead

Using the back camera for selfies isn’t easy. We know that poor angles may crop out half your face. However, the iPhone has one of the most capable back cameras on any smartphone.

Moreover, third-party camera apps can help you get the proper postures for selfies when using the back camera. The app will tell which direction to tilt your face and apply a few edits on the final take.

Try Using a Tripod or a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks let you take better photos by giving you room to try out different poses. Also, selfie sticks make it easier for you to pose. Moreover, they are portable and easily fit in your backpack or purse.

If you don’t fancy using a selfie stick, you can use a mini-tripod instead. A tripod will help keep your phone stable and take better pictures. If you have access to neither, then propping your phone on a box or something similar is your best option.

Declutter Your App Drawer

If you have too many apps running together, your camera app may not work as it should. In most cases, it may freeze mid-shot. But this has an easy fix. By closing other apps running in the background, you can free up some memory in your phone.

However, if this doesn’t work, try restarting your phone. This process will automatically stop all apps running in the background. Modern iPhones are fast and don’t take too long to reboot. The process will help you get some fantastic photos.

Update Your iOS

Apple releases frequent patches to fix bugs and improve your phone’s performance. Updating your iOS can also enhance the performance of the camera.

Before updating your iOS, make sure to backup your data to your iCloud account. However, this is only a safety net should things go south.

Also, ensure your phone has a full charge, and you have high-speed internet. Open your iPhone’s settings.

You will see the General tab; click on it and tap the Software Update button. Under the Software Update tab, you will find all pending app and iOS updates.

Clear Cache

Almost all apps have cache memory to boost speed and performance. However, cache eats up space in your phone’s memory, causing your phone to become slow. Often, this can become quite frustrating, especially when you have many apps running in the background.

Clearing cache memory will free up more space in your iPhone and boost its performance. Also, ensure that your phone has adequate memory space. You can free up more space by backing up your media files on a Google Drive or iCloud account.

Adjust the HDR Settings

Do your photos appear too dark or too bright? HDR helps you capture incredible snaps. Ideally, your iPhone takes several photos with different contrasts and blends them to tackle shadows and highlights while improving exposure.

Your iPhone has the HDR set on by default, and you can turn this feature off in the camera settings. If you feel your photos are too bright or dark, you can manually turn on the HDR feature by tapping on the camera.

Contact Customer Support

If you still can’t find a workaround, we suggest contacting Apple’s customer support. They will advise you on the next best step. You will have to visit a certified Apple store or a dealer near you in most cases.

Apple tech support will test your phone for any faults or defects. This is a free service if your phone is still in warranty.

Word of caution; avoid taking your phone to random repair shops as it will void your warranty. Also, there are chances that you will pay for something that you may otherwise have for free.


Despite not being the best, iPhone front cameras are, in no way, the worst. Moreover, the back camera offers excellent performance and is a market leader.

Most people often prefer using it when taking selfies. Although, taking selfies using your rear camera in 2022 seems somewhat out of place.

We hope these tips help you improve the quality of your selfies and make your skin appear great in photos. Try adjusting the camera settings and testing out different modes to see which works best for you.

Natural light is always the best, but if you’re yearning to take that one selfie before bed, you can get a clip-on selfie light to enhance the brightness and quality of your photos.

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