How To See Recent Pages Visited on Facebook? – Quick Guide

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Ever wondered which rabbit holes you’ve recently tumbled down on Facebook? It’s surprisingly simple to retrace your steps, even if you weren’t actively bookmarking every page.

Facebook conveniently keeps a log of your page visits, accessible through your Activity Log. Simply navigate to your profile, click the three-dot menu, select “Activity Log,” and then filter by “Search History.” Here, you’ll find a chronological list of the pages you’ve recently visited.

But there’s a catch…want to know what it is? Well, keep reading to discover all the tricks of the trade when it comes to revisiting those intriguing Facebook pages you’ve stumbled upon.

Can You See Pages You Have Viewed On Facebook?

There is always a lot going on on Facebook. Whether it’s a dog video or important news that you first saw on your feed, many random posts come up in one’s feed.

With just a couple of scrolls, tenths of posts and statuses by different people show up.  Without a doubt, these posts will indeed have a place in the back of your brain. It will, one day, be a memory that you will want to see again.

Commonly, the sole purpose of Facebook’s pages is to categorize and arrange posts according to their theme. If you want to see images and videos of dogs, go search for theDogs & Puppies” page.

Search for news if you’re aiming to get a grip on the most recent news articles. There is a vast array of categories to choose from; you just have to type in the keyword. 

However, if there’s one specific page that you hope to find and you used the keyword method, you would be finding a needle in a haystack. A quick way to see your recently viewed pages on Facebook is also through the search bar. 

Firstly, tap on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of your screen; a record of your recent searches is listed – from profiles to groups to pages.

To reduce the hassle of going through each, click the “See all” option and hover over the “Visits” tab. In that way, you can narrow down your search and find that page easily.

Secondly, tap on that search icon beside the Messenger logo. Then, click on the blue-colored “See all” beside the words “Recent searches.” Click on “Visits,” and you shall see all the recently visited pages. 

With these two methods, you can view an exciting post or get your dose of the daily news. Facebook has made it convenient for the users to view their activities and analyze what pages they searched for and posts they reacted on. 

How Do You Check Your Activity Log On Facebook? 

Similarly, another way to keep track of your recent activity on Facebook is to view your Activity Log. This Facebook feature allows the user to get a hold of their detailed activity.

By “detailed,” it means that every like, react, share, and search that the user has done from any specific date is tracked and seen again by accessing the Activity Log.

There are a few steps to follow to check for your Activity Log. First is to click on the “Menu” on the bottom left of your screen. Then, tap on your name to go to your profile.

The next step is to click on the three horizontal dots beside the “Edit Profile” tab to open your profile settings. The Activity Log should be on a fifth of the list of options. 

Upon opening the log, there are several options to choose from. First is the “Archive” tab, which stores all the posts and stories you no longer want to see on your profile.

There are also options utilized to see and manage your posts, tags, and interactions. If you wish to view the changes you made on your profile, you can control them on the “Profile Information” tab.

Besides,  you can also see what pages you liked and unliked and who you followed and I followed.  The “View Connections” tab can accommodate you. Lastly, scroll slightly to the bottom and see your detailed activity history from then to now.

For security purposes, the Activity Log also has the option to let you know where you have logged your account to.

You can take precautions whenever an unknown device logs into your account. Facebook has various methods for ensuring your account is safe from anyone trying to hack it.

How To Delete Recent Pages Visited On Facebook?

As abovementioned, Facebook constantly keeps track of your activities and doings. It attends to every users’ need to be aware and informed of their digital footprints.

But what if you want to remove something from the internet’s face permanently? Removing your recently visited pages from your account is possible if you follow some of the discussed simple steps.

Firstly, go to your home page and click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, tap on the blue-colored “See all” and see your recent searches.

On the upper right side, you can see a “Clear all” tab that allows you to delete all your recently visited pages.

Furthermore, in cases where you only want to remove a single page from your search history, you can tap on the “X” beside your chosen page.

Clearing the search history with this method can permanently delete your recently visited pages from every device your account is logged into.

Despite that, some recent activities related to pages can still be seen from other parts of your account. There is also another method to securely remove any related activity from the entirety of your account.

To delete recent activities regarding the pages you followed or unfollowed, go back to the Activity Log.

Scroll slightly, and you will see the “Connections” tab, which tracks your activities with friends, pages, and more. Then, tap on the three horizontal dots beside the action you wish to delete and remove permanently.


By now, you can view your recently visited pages and get back to that post you wish to review.

Undoubtedly, Facebook’s advanced features have made it easier for users to locate their activities with a couple of clicks. It also enables the users to engage once more with the posts and pages they have encountered. 

Moreover, users can easily navigate their accounts to see their recently viewed pages with the two methods.

The easy way is to click on the search icon, tap on the blue-colored “See all,” and hover over the “Visits” tab. 

An in-depth way is to click your profile, tap on the three horizontal dots and click on the Activity Log. Select the “Connections” tab and navigate to see the pages.

Both methods can enable the users to revisit the page they are eyeing. Moreover, it authorizes them to enjoy the advancements of Facebook.

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