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Charity of the Month: Forum For The Future

Charity Of The Month Forum For The Future – Sustainability
Written by MicroStartups

We’re back to shout about another charity that’s doing wonderful things in the field of sustainability. It’s driving change in governments, businesses, and other global organisations. Congratulations to Forum For The Future!

Forum For The Future is “reinventing the way the world works”

Founded in 1996, Forum For The Future was the first to be launched with the goal of working alongside (as opposed to against) business in the mission to promote sustainability.

Collaborating in partnership with academics, NGOs, governments, startups, and big businesses, Forum For The Future is “reinventing the way the world works” by tackling the big issues head-on:

  • Climate change
  • Poverty
  • Malnutrition
  • Civil unrest

What is Forum For The Future doing to promote sustainability?

Forum For The Future uses three approaches to achieve its goal of promoting sustainability – transformational strategies, system change collaborations, and equipping people to drive change.

Transformational strategies

Forum For The Future helps organisations to understand the opportunities for sustainability and shows them how to unlock them.

System change collaborations

The charity works with agencies to “build sustainable sectors and value networks, prototype innovations and new systems, and scale up existing activities for more impact.”

Equipping people to drive change

Forum For The Future is helping people become “better change agents through our projects, partnerships, and Network, and the School of System Change.”

How can you help Forum For The Future make the world more sustainable?

As a registered charity, Forum For The Future needs the support of people and businesses to continue its mission of promoting sustainability. Get in touch with Forum For The Future today and find out what you can do to help make the world a better place.

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