5 Office Cleaning Ideas for Small Business Owners

Hrvoje Š.
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A small business owner’s schedule is jam-packed. You have many responsibilities – productivity, cost efficiency, morale, profitability. You wear many hats to ensure your business runs effectively. You’re working more hours than you can manage, and the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your office.

These office cleaning ideas will make the task more efficient and effective, so you can go back to thinking about more important business dealings.


Many offices slowly start to accumulate office supplies over time. Look around – are tables and desks covered in papers, folders, and books? If so, you likely skip right over these surfaces while you clean. You can’t see the surface underneath all the stuff.

Before you can clean and disinfect your office effectively, you should take steps to remove any unnecessary clutter. Recycle all those old papers. Invest in storage to organize the files you need to keep. Grab boxes and put away all those random cords lying around.

Once areas are tidy and clutter-free, cleaning will be much easier and faster.

Establish a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Schedule

The good news is you don’t need to clean your office from top to bottom every evening after your employees go home. While some cleaning tasks should be completed daily, others can wait until the end of the week and month.

Establishing a cleaning schedule that breaks out your tasks by frequency of completion will help ensure everything gets cleaned regularly and that you save time from over-cleaning.

Daily tasks may include washing dishes, cleaning and restocking the bathrooms, and emptying wastebaskets. Weekly tasks may include vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and wiping down all tables and surfaces. Leave the bigger tasks like washing windows to only once a month.

Create checklists that you can regularly go through every day, week, and month to ensure everything is clean and sanitized and no cleaning task is forgotten.

Invest in Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services invest in yourself, your time, and your schedule. It’s an investment that will save you time and reduce stress by taking one large, ongoing task off your to-do list. 

Maintaining a clean office environment is critical to employee productivity and morale. It’s important for your reputation with clients and prospects. However, you’re a busy small business owner with more important things to worry about than dusting and vacuuming.

Your office must get cleaned and disinfected regularly. There’s no getting around that. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the one responsible for cleaning it. Let an office cleaning service provider do it for you.

Their professional cleaners have the right supplies, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise to clean any mess, spill, or area, and they also have the time to dedicate to the task you may not have anymore. They know all the cleaning best practices, disinfecting techniques, and stain removal strategies.

You may think that cleaning your office is something that you can keep doing on your own, but getting an office cleaning service to come in regularly is a small price to pay to maintain a clean office for your brand, employees, and clients – without putting too much pressure on your time.

Share the Cleaning Responsibility with Your Staff

While your employees likely didn’t sign up to vacuum and mop office floors or clean toilets after hours, they should be responsible for some cleaning tasks.

They should have ownership of tidying their workspaces and cleaning up after themselves in common areas. This includes washing their coffee mugs after each use and throwing away expired food in the fridge. It also includes recycling unwanted paper in the printer room.

If everyone feels a sense of responsibility for office cleanliness, it’ll make your cleaning job much easier at the end of the day.

Stock up on the Right Cleaning Supplies

The last thing you need is to run out of dish soap or toilet cleaner. Stock up on commercial cleaners and the right cleaning supplies like cloths, brooms, and wastebasket liners so you’re not scrambling while cleaning.

What’s more, it’s important to know the difference between cleaners. While some are meant to clean, others are meant to sanitize and disinfect. While some cleaning clothes are for windows and dishes, others are for electronics. If you’re in charge of buying cleaning supplies, research to ensure you’re buying the right ones for your needs.

What’s more, you could equate your employees with disinfectant wipes for their desks and electronic wipes for their computers and electronics. Add a wastebasket beside each desk as well. This will make them more likely to take ownership of keeping their areas tidy, leaving less work for you.

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