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5 Reasons Why You Really Need A Blog for Your Business Website

5 reasons your business needs a blog
Written by MicroStartups

Setting up a blog for your business may be the last thing that comes to your mind, especially when you already have a social media page, and there may be more than one reason for this.

You’ve probably heard that blogging takes a lot of time, and you don’t think you have that much chance with your busy work schedule. There’s also the challenge of consistently coming up with ideas that are related to your industry. Of course, you also have to think about the involvement with your audience, which might take a lot of time and effort. We could go on and on.

But believe it or not, starting up a business blog isn’t so overwhelming. In fact, many small businesses have scaled up by including blogging as part of their promotional effort.

While time and effort is required, especially, when starting, this can never be compared to what you stand to gain once you have a successful blog running.

In case you are still hesitant about starting your own blog today, below are five reasons that will convince you.

Business Promotion

Although your blog is not the only place should market your business products or services to customers, it’s one of the most important channels at your disposal. You can target potential customers or clients by actively engaging them on your blog by discussing issues that relate to the use of your product or the type of service you provide. However, you want to make sure you come up with interesting topics that address some of the challenges customers or clients face with the type of your product or services. By doing this, you can attract people to buy your products.

Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website

By setting up a blog to complement your website you can drive more traffic to it. Having a blog helps you to get new visitors, who you can redirect to the product and service pages on your site through relevant links. Adding a blog to your site and publishing regular content to it helps to boost its ranking search engines. This is because it shows that your business is active, along with giving you the opportunity to tackle people’s questions and make your business the answer to them.

Generate more leads

Experience shows that businesses with promotional blogs tend to generate over more sales than those that do not have one. And they do this by encouraging visitors to make favorable purchase decisions. When people want to purchase items, they often comb the net for valuable information about the product. Apart from the manufacturer’s website, they may also visit blogs, forums and review sites, before they finally make a decision. Without a business blog to provide a lot of information relating to your brand, you may find it hard to gain the trust of potential customers.

Get more from social media

A blog can also serve as a useful tool to improve your social media promotion. You can engage users on social media platforms to your advantage by sharing useful content on your page. You can create posts that address people’s needs and encourage them to buy your products. Infographics and short posts are great. However, to successfully engage your audience, you need to provide rich information that sparks up their interest or answers some questions on their minds.

Build your credibility

A blog is another way you can build credibility for your business. People are most likely to trust a source that feeds them with valuable information on some of the issues they are facing. By posting quality content, especially on topics, you know a lot about, you can build trust and respect. This way, people will come to believe more in your brand, and when this happens, it’s not difficult for them to purchase your products.

As you can see, a blog can be just as valuable as your main business website. It can serve as a very useful promotional tool. So, if you haven’t set up your blog yet, this is the best time to do so.

Author Bio: Liam Miller. Liam is interested in business, marketing, and technology. 

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