Why Print Is Integral For Modern Marketing

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We live in an increasingly online world. Numbers from 2017 indicate the average adult spent nearly six hours per day​ using some type of digital media. That’s about double the time spent in a digital space in 2010. This shows that the amount of time people spend using digital media is growing quickly and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Now here comes the big BUT. Just because people spend a large portion of their time online does NOT mean you should only reach out to them digitally. Yes, digital banner ads and social media advertising can be effective tools in your arsenal, but if you’re not utilizing print, your efforts are likely falling short. Here are five of the most important reasons you should be using print to reach your audience and spread your message.

Print outperforms other mediums

Some of the ways most marketers measure the success of any campaign include targetability, return on investment, brand awareness, reach and positive response.

According to an article in Medium, a recent study from Ebiquity showed that print ranks highly for these factors—higher than the paid social media and online videos many small businesses rely on to tell their message.

Print is trustworthy

One of the main reasons print is more effective than other forms of communication is its trustworthiness across audience types. Sure, we expect older generations to resonate with print because they’re used to it. However, even millennials—the generation often touted as obsessed with screens and online engagement—find print more trustworthy than other types of marketing efforts.

It makes sense if you think about it. Younger generations were always taught to be skeptical of people on the internet (they were told “you can’t trust people in chat rooms” and “you never know who someone really is online”).

Now, in adulthood, they look at businesses and their online efforts in much the same way. Anyone can say anything online, but it takes an extra level of care, authenticity, and sincerity to produce and send a printed piece.

Print complements your other efforts

No marketing campaign should be an island unto itself. If you’re running your online, print, radio, TV or other campaigns as separate silos with separate messages, you’re doing yourself a disservice – even your packaging plays a role.

Print provides the opportunity to enhance your other efforts and engage audiences with your business across multiple channels. You can add social handles to your direct mailers, put a QR code for a coupon on door hangers, add your website to a poster or send thank-you cards to past customers asking them to leave you an online review.

These are just some of the myriad of ways you can use print to reinforce your other forms of marketing.

Print is interactive

The tactile aspect of print is something you just can’t duplicate through TV, radio or digital efforts, and audiences resonate with it. Just the fact that someone has to hold a piece of paper—even for a moment—means your print piece is tapping into a deeper part of your audience’s sensory memory.

This is especially true with luxury and high-end clients. They resonate with pieces that look expensive, so a nice, gatefold mailer printed on thick cardstock with an embossed logo is going to speak to them in a way that a Facebook ad simply can’t match.

Print is personal

We’ve all gotten a spam email that says “Hey [Insert Your Name Here], We’ve Got a Deal for YOU!” They’re not hard to create and sending them out en masse is efficient for many marketing professionals.

What you may not realize is that it’s just as easy to personalize printed pieces and amplify the individualization of your messaging. Variable data printing has become more common in recent years, and using it can help pair the inherent trustworthiness of print marketing with the personalization of online efforts.

There are plenty of reasons to include print in your marketing mix — these five are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for your perfect print partner, head to​ to learn more about the ways Firespring’s team ​can increase your effectiveness through beautiful, professional print pieces.

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