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5 Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2019

5 Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2019
Written by MicroStartups

The website design scene is constantly evolving, so it’s best to keep your end-goal in mind: to remain in front of your competition. You have to remain on top of the trending website design patterns. Sticking to old trends only sets your brand back.

Keeping your website in vogue will help enhance client encounter and in the end prompt more conversions. We will look at some of the trends that will persist into the New Year. Let’s explore the five website design trends to look out for in 2019.

1. Minimalism

You have most likely known about this in reference to home and office outlines. A couple years ago, the minimalism trend began saturating website design, and this pattern shows no signs of halting in 2019. Be that as it may, a minimal website design utilizes negative or blank areas. Rather than stalling your site with a cluster of colors and showy designs, you ought to dispose of the mess. Just add things that only matter to your site for one reason: To convert leads.

2. Inventive Typography and Fluid Shapes

Despite the fact that website design trends of 2019 are going toward a more minimal approach, typography is the one zone that is, by all accounts, becoming more expressive and popular by the day. Rather than concentrating vigorously on pictures, most web designers are emphasizing typography that is creative and fun. Eliminating pointless pictures on your websites and focusing a lot more on typography, permits your click-to-action and other essential means of engaging visitors on your site to be more visible. As if that’s not enough, sharper poly-shapes and geometry were also big in 2017; softer shapes with a more fluid look and animations are gaining popularity. Smoother lines are a natural next step of the polygon trend.

When Design Shack featured the poly shapes trend earlier this year, the description said: “one of the best parts of this versatile trend is that each of these designs is so different. Polygons are typically flat, two-dimensional shapes, although in website projects some polygons move and have 3-D characteristics.”

The same characteristics hold for more fluid shapes. The key difference is that instead of sharp, intersecting lines, each shape is made of smooth curves that flow throughout the design.

3. Virtual Reality Video, Voice, and Natural Language Search

2017 saw an immense rise in the use of video, voice and natural language search. It was in the same year Microsoft improved on Cortana, an AI that helps you launch application software on your personal computers. It seemed like about each website you visited had a video on its landing page. In 2018, website designers are focusing on virtual reality recordings. What appeared as sci-fi a few years ago is currently becoming a reality. Clients can submerge themselves in a video that feels like the genuine article. In any case, they’re an extraordinary apparatus for anybody hoping to offer an “affair” and not only an item.

The eventual fate of website design is not all about visuals. Some of it will be capable of hearing too. From interfaces that can “hear” and understand voice prompts and commands, to fusing look terms that copy regular dialect, to coordinating a universe of voice and dialect – all these will be the norm for web design ventures.

Also, keep it in mind that some of these different trends would not be considerably more widespread toward the finish of 2019, voice and voice search is just going to develop in use and notoriety. You should begin making arrangements for it now so you’ll have the capacity to easily combine it into future ventures.

4. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

When chatbots first began getting tremendous attention, many people expected that they would be a generic, inadequate substitute for human cooperation. However, innovation is enhancing quickly in this area – now even schools can benefit from chatbots.  In 2019, we should hope to see more websites making use of chatbots and artificial intelligence. We ought to likewise observe them delivering a more consistent line of discussion. Chatbots can help take your client administration to the next level as they will be enhanced in precision and effectiveness to take your customer service to the next level in 2019.

5. Security

It appears almost consistently, whenever you read the news; you hear about a reputable organization or website that has been hacked and had their clients’ data stolen and traded off.  Website designers are observing this issue. Furthermore, in 2019, we should see creators coming up with additional security measures to ensure their clients’ data are secured. This will also help ensure clients to know how well you are taking their security a priority by keeping your security identifications updated on all your pages of your website.


These 5 trends are definitely the things we should expect to see even more in the New Year. It is not wise to get left behind when it comes to web design. So, it would be great to prepare your online presence and make the changes to go with what’s trending. Change is constant and not static, so if you take your clients into consideration, you should not be left behind when others have evolved.

If the start of a new year inspires you to try something new then it should be one of your resolutions. Make sure to use certain design trends with care and caution. The best ideas sometimes fade away quickly, but voice searches are probably here to stay for a very long time. Try things out, make changes to existing designs, have fun playing with design trends.

Whenever you are prepared to make use of these web design trends, have it in the back of your mind that when rolling out huge improvements to your site, you have to remember the site UX is the main priority. The trendiest site on the planet does not stand a chance if it does not load in less than three seconds! Reach out to our team of experienced professionals at today and let us talk to you about how we can enable your site to remain fast and accessible, as well as keep you up to speed with 2019 trends.

Author: Matt Hall is a marketer and WordPress expert. Founder of Scepter Marketing, Matt oversees the larger web dev projects for the company. Seeing innovative ideas come to life is his passion, and therefore he pushes Scepter ahead to help customers bring their projects to life.

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