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7 Ways Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Small Business

Digital Signage
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Digital signage is becoming more and more popular. Most of the Fortune 500 companies and large charities are using digital signage these days for their marketing campaigns. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to small businesses. The truth is, small businesses can benefit in numerous ways when it comes to this technology. Below we will share with you 7 ways Digital signage can benefit your small business.

1. Gets you more attention

The most obvious reason you should use digital signage is that it grabs more attention. Digital signage is more effective at grabbing your audience’s attention than traditional marketing, partially because it is adaptable and can be updated in second. This is one of the main reasons why you should incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

2. Creates more credibility

Digital signage is at the cutting edge of advertising. Therefore, when you’re incorporating it into your marketing campaign, you can gain more credibility as a market leader. Moreover, you can portray yourself as a modern business which connects with potential customers on multiple mediums and platforms. Once that happens, it is effortless to grow your business at a rapid pace.

3. Enables you to collect data

These days, touchscreen digital signage is also available. With the help of this technology, you can gather information from the customers which will prove invaluable in future advertising and product development. It means that not only you can advertise but also interact with the customers and potential leads. It is a huge advantage when compared to other more static forms of advertising. If you want to increase the ROI of your marketing campaign, digital signage is one of the best options for you.

4. Cost-saving

The upfront investment in digital signage may seem expensive. However, subsequently, the maintenance cost is negligible. You can also easily control the content of the digital signage with the help of software. Mounting and unmounting the signs is also not terribly costly. Owing to this, once you invest in digital signage, you can reap the rewards in the long term, so the initial investment is truly worth it.

What is more, another benefit is that you can unmount your signs from one location and install it at another as per your requirement. All of these features ensure that in the longer run, it can save your business a significant amount of money.

5. Facilitates interactive ads

One of the primary reasons why many Fortune 500 companies are using digital signage is because of the interactive ads. With the help of HD quality video & audio, you can be sure to provide an interactive experience for your customers. In today’s era of advertisement overload, it is essential to grab the attention of the customers instantly, as they will be used to tuning out adverts. When you have interactive HD quality advertisements,  this will be easier than it is with traditional advertising.

Moreover, with the help of touchscreen Digital signage, creating interactive ads is comparatively simple. It means that now you can not only gain the attention of the audience but also ask them to interact with your company, giving you valuable data in the process. This is another vital reason why more and more companies are looking to use these for their advertising campaigns.

6. Greater marketing control

You can easily control the digital signage with the help of your computer. Real-Time modification of advertisements is also possible. It means that when it comes to your marketing message you have greater control, with the clear benefits this brings.

What’s more, you can pause your campaign and resume it whenever you want. You can turn it ON according to the time of the day or the day of the week. That is why you can maximize your ROI quite quickly. Moreover, if you want to roll out the new ad, you can do this instantly. The extent of control which this provides to businesses is enormous. That is why it is easy to generate positive ROI with the help of digital signage.

7. Helps you leverage multiple marketing mediums

When you’re creating a campaign for digital signage, you can use numerous marketing mediums like:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Touchscreen interactions
  • Free digital coupons
  • And much more

With so many marketing mediums at your disposal, it is much easier for you to reach out to your audience. Once you get your message out there, you can boost the conversion rate to increase the ROI. Owing to this, it is much more effective than other marketing avenues.

These are the 7 ways Digital signage can benefit your small business. Don’t underestimate its effectiveness. We strongly recommend you incorporate digital signs into your marketing campaign. With the help of this technology, you can quickly grow your business, and also receive a number of other benefits.

Author Bio: Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.


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