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How Your Ecommerce Brand Can Enter Into The USA Market

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There’s more money in the US market than any other country. People in the US care more about online retail than anywhere else — and that trend is rising. If you want your brand to make as much money as possible you need to get into the USA. Here’s how.

Why your brand needs to enter the US market?

The US ecommerce market is worth over $500 billion per year. It makes up 10% of global online retail. And it grew by 17% in 2017. The US market is a huge opportunity for your brand to make money. But that’s not the only reason to go to the USA.

These stats about the USA ecommerce market are persuasive:

  • Ecommerce in the USA will be worth $638 billion in 2022
  • 78% of US citizens buy products online
  • 29% of people from the USA buy products twice a week
  • Customer satisfaction is high

If your brand’s not in the USA then you miss out on this. So your brand needs to enter the USA ecommerce market. This is how you do it.

Establish your proposal

It’s now faster and easier for customers to find the product they need. Your target audience can get what they want from Google in seconds. And you’re competing against many other brands. You have to show your customers your brand has what they need. That’s why you need a USP.

There are some simple steps you can take to build your brand proposal.

Know your market

To make your brand the solution you to understand the market. What products are selling? Jungle Scout is a great tool to help you do this. It’s a free tool that lets you see what people are buying. Use its sales estimator to find out what’s popular in the USA.

Understand your customers

You need to know who your customers are and what problems they have. What are their hopes and fears? What drives them? You have to think like them, then build your buyer persona. This great video shows you how you can do that:

Set your objectives

You know what’s selling, who’s buying, and what problems your customers have. Your next step is to make your brand the solution. Do this by following these guidelines.

  1. Summarize the problem your brand will solve
  2. List the unique benefits your products will have
  3. Establish what your promise is to your customers
  4. Edit down what you have until it’s as clear and concise as possible

Check out the educational video below for even more help:

You have your USP and brand purpose. Now you need an online store to deliver on your brand promises.

Get online store ready to sell your brand

Setting up an online store has never been easier. You have a range of options and there’s lots of guidance. One of the most important steps is deciding what online store you want. This means choosing your business model and website.

Your business model

There are four main models your brand can choose to enter the USA market.

  1. Make your own products
  2. Use a manufacturer
  3. Buy from a wholesaler
  4. Start dropshipping

Each has its pros and cons. To get a clearer understanding of which model will work for you, check out this article.

Your online store

There are a couple of ways you can get your online store started. It’s crucial that you pick the right one, so think about the benefits of each:

Build it

It’s simple to build an online store. Pick an a provider and set it up. The two most popular options in the USA are WordPress and Shopify.

WordPress is an open-source CMS. This means that the technology is open for developers to amend and improve. It has a huge community and powers most websites on the internet. WordPress is a cheaper starting option but there are additional costs for you, such as hosting.

Shopify is a closed-source CMS. What you get is a solution that guides you through the setup process. You also get many additional costs, like your domain name, included in your package. This will cost you more initially than WordPress but you have to sort out less details yourself.

The video below has guidance on how to build your own online store:

Buy it

An increasingly popular way for brands to enter the USA market is to buy into it. As you have your USP, you know what you want from your brand. Finding an existing one that you can tweak to meet your proposal can save a lot of time.

Using a business listing lets you see brands who have existing online stores. You can filter down into your niche. Your can find options within a USA locality, like businesses available in Miami, Florida. And you can set your budget.

The benefit of taking this approach is a lot of valuable assets will come with the brand and store. These include things like social media accounts, software, tools, and a customer base. The drawback is that it will cost more than building your own store.

Now you have your online store you’ve entered the USA market. The next thing to do is

create a digital strategy. This will help you to start selling in the USA.

Build a digital strategy

There are lots of ways you can build a digital strategy. The video below has some great tips and I recommend you watch it to learn more:

You can use these suggestions to put your strategy into practice. Another great option is to get help from a specialist digital agency. Using professionals allows you to focus on the day-to-day tasks required to run a brand.

An agency will create a digital strategy for your brand. The great thing about employing an agency is that it has local, regional, and national knowledge. This can be invaluable to brand looking to crack a complex market, like the USA.

The USA is the biggest market in the world for online retail. Failing to enter it costs your brand a wealth of opportunity for business. So now you know how your brand can enter the USA market go ahead and do it!

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