The Beloved White Van: Your #1 Tool For Starting A Business

A white van against a clear grey background.
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When your careers teacher asked you what you wanted to do when you grew up, did you just stare blankly?  It’s really not that uncommon for people to get to a certain stage in their life and realise that they’re spending their time in a job that, well, just doesn’t fulfil them!

Have you lost your passion and excitement for the profession you’re currently in? Do you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock in your career? Well here’s some good news for you, there are many ways that you can bring back some excitement into your working life.

If you’re a van owner or are looking to start a small business then there are plenty of types of businesses which you could try your hand at in order to reinvigorate your working life.  So, is it time to re-evaluate your career path and find a new profession to inject some passion into your life?

Did you know there’s a skills shortage in the construction industry?  Or that the UK is a nation of animal lovers? Or how about feeding the masses at a festival like Glastonbury?

From answering the country’s call for more plumbers, or serving street food to some of the 2.5 billion people eating it on a daily basis, to pampering our beloved pooches. Whatever your interests and passion, there is a career out there that you can join – and moreover, you can drive towards the success in your very own van.

Discover the following infographic, created by second hand vans retailer, Van Monster, and explore some of the new career paths that could be awaiting you.  If the role itself isn’t enough to excite you, you may be pleasantly surprised at the potential working hours, or earnings.

Take a leap of faith now and get out of your career rut and onto a happier road ahead.



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