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Online Ideas: Great Ways To Raise Money For Charity

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People are fantastic fundraisers, whether they go it alone or have a structured business around them. We make a habit of developing great campaigns for even greater causes. And thanks to the internet, we are seeing brand-new innovative ways to raise money for charity every day. 

Charitable efforts are more easily engaged with and widely recognized through the web. Social media platforms paired alongside sites like JustGiving provide the framework for global reach and viral potential — the ultimate awareness goal.

Just look at recent examples like Captain Tom Moore, who caused a national stir and raised over £32 million for the NHS. Stories like Tom’s inspire millions of people. And the internet is built from communities, which rally together to support amazing causes. 

Sometimes it feels impossible to picture a world fully removed from horror and hardship. But we’re an optimistic bunch. And if you’re a rebel with a cause or a business looking to give back to society, engaging with the online world gives you the furthest reach.

The next step is to decide how to raise money for charity. Read on to discover some of the best ways of raising money for charity online.

Easy online ways to raise money for charity

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Raising money isn’t all about huge media drives and charity TV shows. Giving back starts with us, at the grassroots of society. To make the world a better place we should all do our bit to help. And no matter how big or small our contribution turns out to be, the internet provides all the resources we need. 

Here are a few of our favourite examples:  

Sell unused possessions with digital auctions 

Selling our unwanted possessions is a simple way to raise money for charity. We love to hoard things we don’t need. And as the old adage goes: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Having a clear out provides a great opportunity to bring in some donations. 

Nowadays selling our stuff comes at a click of a mouse. There are tonnes of online marketplaces we can use to sell, and an even larger plethora of social media options to promote our auctions. 

Some may consider adding a theme. In which case books, pottery, furniture and electronics are all great angles. Either way, the process couldn’t be easier. Register with eBay for charity, Add your items to an eBay auction, promote on social media, then send all the proceeds to a charity of your choosing. 

But if you want to simplify the process even further you can use sites like Buengo, where all the leg work is done for you. Buengo is a platform which allows you to sell within a community of like-minded charitable causes. And because of that, you can evoke peoples generous nature, without needing to promote too heavily. 

Regardless, hosting digital auctions is a simple cost-effective approach to raising money for charity. All you need is a phone and some stuff to sell — Who said fundraising had to be hard? 

Sell a skill online

From flogging our stuff to selling our talents. We all have something unique about us, whether it’s a hobby or a talent. And that makes you a hot commodity. Finding a way to market your skills can be an amazing way to raise money for charity. You can sell anything from fitness to knowledge, as long as you play to your strengths. 

Businesses and friendship groups are always looking to outsource speakers and instructors for team building sessions. If you fancy yourself as an exercise buff or yoga guru, you can sell your services via freelance platforms like Fiverr. Or if you’re more creative then think about any graphic design work you could do. 

Freelance platforms have a high usage rate and are chock-full of fledgeling entrepreneurs looking to showcase their skills for a price; the only differences being that you will be putting a charitable spin on things. 

But if you’re still struggling for inspiration there have been some brilliant services exchanged for charity in the past. For example, in May 2020  the #DrawWithRob virtual art class achieved the record for the largest ever online art lesson — with over 45,000 participants — raising an incredible £51,970  in aid of the fight against COVID-19. 

While nobody can predict, or even expect such astronomical success as #DrawWithRob. It does go to show how effective selling a service online can be in raising money for charity. 

Fun ways your business can raise money for charity

World business and influential celebrities have always played a role to play in drumming up massive money-raising events. From Band-Aid to Children In Need. These charitable juggernauts play a vital role in bridging issues to the mainstream and inspiring us to branch off and raise money of our own. 

And with the internet being the powerful tool it is, we are seeing more and more virtual events to get involved with. Here are some of our recent favourites: 

Host online tournaments

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For modern audiences, there is nobody more influential than the online content creator. Whether it’s YouTube star KSI performing his new single at Comic Relief, or various Twitch streamers like Dr Lupo playing games to the tune of $1.3 million worth of donations. Influencers are money-raising machines, capable of rallying millions of people around notable causes. 

Influencers foster communities and those communities come together in times of need. Also accompanied by business sponsorship, online events — like gaming tournaments and football matches —  go to show that quality content is a great way to raise money for charity. 

Take the Sidemen Vs YouTube Allstars charity football match, for example. Sponsored and hosted by Charlton Athletic back in 2018, the UK based YouTube supergroup Sidemen challenged the rest of YouTube to a football match. The match was a proverbial who’s who of YouTube, starring influencers: WillNE, MIniminter, Vikkstar123 and even grime star JME. Achieving over 400,000 concurrent viewers, the event raked almost £70,000 for Charlton’s community fund and YoungMinds. 

The success of influencer backed events has inspired many similar efforts to raise money for charity. Great Ormond Street Hospital, for example, is running a fantastic campaign known as Geek Out For Gosh. GOFG is an overarching campaign asking people to run their very own gaming live streams helping the hospital raise funds.

Whether you get a content creator onboard or not doesn’t necessarily matter. Twitch supports charitable content on its platform, by adding safe donation plugins to streams and promoting efforts via its charity page. 

For business owners, the GOFG  campaign is a fun event to get involved with. So gather your employees and start-up those consoles — Fifa tournament at work anyone? 

Throw a digital pub quiz

Image: Pexels

Our ritualistic digital quiz night over the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to many inventive fundraising ideas. In times of hardship, we get creative. And none more so than Camden Brewery, who have invented the Bre.W.W.W.ery virtual taproom. It’s a free to enter digital pub quiz that includes a tip jar raising money for Hospitality Actions, a charity which looks after waiters and bar staff struggling during COVID. 

Thanks to accessible software like Zoom, any business can run its own quiz and support workers in their industry and beyond. If your staff are furloughed or work is light, give your general knowledge at a test and do some good at the same time. 

How to maximize donations when you raise money for charity

Even the most classic of fundraising ideas are made easier online by the different ways we can receive and maximise donations. Here are some of the best methods to consider when receiving donations to your cause: 

Gift Aid

The Gift Aid scheme is a successful tax incentive scheme, which adds a flat 20% rate on top of any donation. To put things simply, if you donated £10 the charity in question would receive £12.50. 

The boost comes at no extra cost to the donator, instead, charities claim the money from HMRC. So there is really no excuse not to sign up. However, you do have to be a taxpayer to register in the scheme. 

Gift aid is easily added by you or any organisation online. For example, Just Giving pages automatically have the option to tick when donating. All you have to do is make it clear that it’s an important part of the donation process. 

Create a fundraiser hashtag

As previously mentioned, the most magical thing about the internet is that every post and every comment has viral potential. 

But you have to remember to do the promotional work too. If you have the best idea ever and leave it in obscurity, then it’s no good to anyone. Hashtags play a vital role in social media, helping to categorise the content. It will help generate traffic to your page, which in turn improves the amount of engagement you’ll receive. 

Put your brain to work and come up with a clear snappy phrase to describe your campaign. Soon you’ll be a money-raising mastermind.

Whatever your charity and wherever your cause, the online world provides amazing resources to get you started with fundraising. Give these ideas a try and see where they take you.  

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