Online Of Course – How Digital Learning Connects More Students Together

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Digital learning strategies have a profound effect on learning. They enable students to grasp complex ideas in the way that works best for them, giving them the tools they need to apply and develop theories and deepen understanding. They also serve as a way to connect with other students to promote learning and help students achieve greatness through cooperation. Learning doesn’t have to apply to ‘inside the classroom’, it applies to every aspect of online learning, whether that be an online course, useful resources, or an online community, like Girls Who Code. So how can digital learning connect students together?It’s all about building a supportive community of like-minded people.

Breaking the cultural barrier

Digital learning can bring together different cultures in the same classroom. Educational institutions have been using programs like Skype to connect students from around the world and aid learning.

  • This helps to break down cultural differences while broadening young people’s learning and understanding of the world
  • It allows young people to share their learning experiences with children from other countries
  • Digital connections like this help to engage students and keep them excited to learn

As technology advances, digital tools are central to almost every job. It’s important to nurture students’ knowledge of the digital world in order to prepare them for the jobs of the future.

Beyond the classroom

Broadcasting live events or conferences takes learning beyond the classroom and aids ‘out of the box’ thinking. This connects students to a whole new world that they may not have previously been introduced to.

Interactive video conferences or podcasts connect students and teachers to promote a sense of community learning. They offers a vital connection to real life experts in all kinds of different fields. Interactive video conferences or podcasts can be accessed by anyone who wants to join the conversation and offer flexibility in the way people learn.

Take TEDtalks, for example. They offer valuable insights from some of the most influential speakers from around the globe, offering original and interesting ideas that we can all sink our teeth into.

Never stop learning

Learning doesn’t have to stop when we finish school, and students shouldn’t close their minds to learning outside of the classroom. There are so many different resources available to learn valuable business skills online. The best learning resources online have built a strong community of fellow students, all learning and supporting each other through the process: Futurelearn is a great example of a free learning community that very much focuses on collaborative learning and participation.

Teachers and technology

The use of technology in the classroom doesn’t just connect students together, it also helps to connect students and teachers to ensure that no child gets left behind. Technology like video announcements and personalized learning will ensure that young people remain engaged with their lessons, and in turn, their teachers. Data can also be used to monitor progression of students and identify those that may be struggling with a specific topic.

Digital tools are useful for teachers to connect and make sure all children are being supported through their education.

Digital learning has already had a tremendous effect on students, both online and offline. It has opened doors for more opportunities, experiences, and jobs that were not available previously. Whether you are a believer in the power of technology or not, it’s certainly had a positive impact on communication and connection amongst students, which can ripple across the world. How do you think that technology connects students with others? Let us know in the comments.

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