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Why You Need A Blog For Your Business

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Creating and running a blog for your business may seem like an extra chore or another thing to consider, but it can be incredibly beneficial. A blog attracts visitors and increases your site traffic. And when there are large volumes of traffic coming to your site, it is easier to convert those readers into paying customers.

Putting time and effort into a blog for your business site is an investment, and one that benefits your brand significantly. Here are four reasons why a business blog could be a great addition to your business website.

Increase your site’s traffic

A blog helps your website rank highly for certain key terms.

For example, if you are selling baking equipment on your website, you could feature recipes and teach people how to bake on your blog. This means that if someone is looking for baking equipment, they may come to your site because your blog has been ranked highly on google.

The idea is to use your blog to target key terms in your industry to grow your traffic and attract visitors.

The internet allows users to find out how to do things and pick up new skills instantly. Be a part of that and use your blog to educate those in your potential customer base.

If you are giving people something for nothing, they will come back to your website over and over again to learn. This can help you convert these visitors, into paying customers.

Connect with your audience

Having a blog can connects you with your audience, it gives you an opportunity to reach out and give a message to your readership. This can be a new product reveal or any other business changes, a blog can give you a platform to do this. Making connections with potential customers is incredibly important to convert them into paying customers.

A blog can also give you space to build your brand. If you set up an ‘about us’ page and feature what your business does on your blog, you are helping to build your business brand. If a visitor comes across these pages, they may be more inclined to support you if your ideas and views align with theirs.

For example, you may be cutting back on plastic to tackle climate change, this might motivate a visitor to convert on account of your strong brand values.

Become an expert

Establish yourself as an expert in your field to increase visitors to your website. You need to make sure that your content is educational rather than promotional. If you are constantly trying to sell your products on your page without providing any helpful content, it will drive people away.

As a business owner, it’s likely you will know all there is to know about the business. For example, if you have started an accountancy business, consider writing about tax advice to attract readers. Alternatively, get other people to contribute to your blog and create helpful, beneficial content.

Market your business

A blog is a marketing tool above all. It is a way for you to market your business to your audience. If you are regularly investing time in your blog and keeping it updated you will gain a following. An online presence is key for any business in this day and age, and a blog is a vital part of this.

It shows you are active online, and generates further content to cascade across your social media channels.

Social media is another key part of small business marketing, so a blog and social media can go hand in hand to get your brand and business name out there.

A blog can be a great addition to your business website and it can really help build the traffic for your website. However, if you decide to start a blog for your business, it’s essential that you update it on a regular basis and consider whether to host it on your website or a new domain.

Make sure that you are looking into SEO to get your business blog content ranked and make the most of it.

Author Bio: Noor Khan writes for Company Bug, providing small business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors and consultants with the information they need to set up and run a business in the UK.

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