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Charity of the Month: MyBnk

MyBnk, Charity Of The Month – Financial Education & Support
Written by MicroStartups

Strong and stable finances are the bedrock of successful business. Our latest charity of the month don’t just know this, they show it to the UK’s young people. Congratulations, MyBnk.

MyBnk gives young people financial and enterprise education

MyBnk was founded in 2007 with a clear mission: to give young people financial and enterprise education. They offer training and support to 7-25 year olds in UK youth organisations and schools.

When the they started only 10% of UK adults had a financial education. A decade on, over 200,000 young people have been given the tools to manage their money.

How does MyBnk help their students?

The charity’s motto is: “every young person must be wowed!” How do MyBnk wow the UK’s youth? Like this:

Specialist training

MyBnk offer specialist training programmes. These are delivered by skilled trainers with real world experience.

Active participation for students

The students on MyBnk’s courses are given hands-on training. They’re given responsibility for co-creating their brand, content, and resources. All of this is done working together with MyBnk’s Youth Advisory Panel.

Effective programmes

MyBnk’s programmes are designed for a broad range of students. They cover a range of settings, styles, and personalities.

Relevant skills

Real life stories and examples are used to educate young people. MyBnk use videos to show their students the value of a financial and enterprise education.

Help MyBnk support the next generation

MyBnk is helping to educate the next generation and you can help them achieve their mission. There are many ways you can show your support for them.

Corporate support

Your business can choose from six types of corporate support.

  • Corporate donation
  • Make MyBnk your “Charity of the Year”
  • Cause based marketing
  • Engaging your customers
  • Employee fundraising
  • Payroll donation

Check out MyBnk’s corporate support page for more information.


There’s lots of volunteering work available with MyBnk. If you have skills that can help educate young people then get in touch with MyBnk today.

For more information on how this wonderful charity is empowering young people, check out MyBnk’s website.

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