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10 IT Skills For Effectively Managing Your Career Development

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Before coming to a conclusion about the top IT skills in 2019, we went on to analyze the following: highest-paying job roles, highest-paying certifications, most challenging hiring areas, as well as the top tech investment areas. Our results gave a diverse set of roles and if you’re looking to make a career from IT, you really should consider the following areas;

1. Cloud computing

Presently, cloud computing skills are in massive demand from lots of big corporations. The labour market pays to cloud computing IT professionals more and ranks it as the most sought after IT skills available on this list.

It appears to have been the ultimate game changer and new channel opener by leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). As it stands now, the public cloud services market has a great potential expectancy growth of about 17.3% in 2019.

2. Cybersecurity

Stats from the International Data Corporation (IDC)  demonstrate that 55% of consumers switch platforms/providers when they experience or feel threatened by loophole or data breach from the present platform/provider they utilize presently. In fact, it is believed that about 78% would switch if the breach directly impacted them.

A lot is at stake when it concerns confidential data. That is the more reason why security is a top priority for most organizations as nobody would want to release sensitive info to the public as it could way too detrimental to major parts of the economy; both locally and globally.

In the same vein, Cyber attacks are increasing in high frequency and are getting more sophisticated. This has prompted a lot of organizations and governments to take major steps to hire cyber experts to do the work to prevent such attacks from happening, however, there are only a limited number of them available. So if you have the necessary IT skills to combat cybercrimes, then you could get handsomely compensated.

3. Application development and programming

Developers are hotcake in the labour market. In fact, there is a great expectancy that application developer jobs will grow by 31% in the near term. As a developer, you’d be responsible for handling web, social and mobile applications. And since more businesses are being conducted via the use of mobile technology, the necessary skills for building and managing apps are critically increasing.

4. Networking and wireless

Software-defined networks (SDN) is rapidly growing in the technology market.  The adaptability and flexibility they provide are second to none, putting them into high demand.  Although networking is the fourth most sought after investment by, IT decision-makers, it is, however, one of the most challenging.  But if your networking skills set are fully updated, there’s from for higher lay and advancement for you.

5. Analytics and data management

The present culture of data gives room for better insight toward patterns and trends, leading them to take an important role in how business decisions are made. IT professionals with analytics and data management skills help organizations solve problems and make more detailed and specific evaluations.

But many organizations have maintained the struggle for managing new data wealth and IT professionals are needed in large numbers to help manage the growth of this data. So if you are certified in a data-based IT skill, you can expect to be in high demand over the coming years.

6. Systems and enterprise architecture

Organizations from every walk of life are being pressured to align their internal departments, which has become a  more complex assignment for incoming technologies. Because of this, systems and enterprise architecture experts are wanted in large numbers so as to ensure legacy programs and procedures align with the latest technologies.

7. Project management

Believe it or not,  there are still loads of obstacles combating the completion of projects even with continued developments in technology. However, a competent project manager will be able to effectively create, execute, and communicate a project strategy in a way that every member or a specific department will be able to carry out judiciously, under the monitor of the PM. IT is no expectation to this need for profficient project managers, so if you have experience in this field you have a valuable skill that makes you attractive to recruiters.

8. AI and machine learning

There are so many tasks that need to be done in every organization, but if these can be passed on to computer programmes it can free up workers time to focus on skilled tasks. Machine automation brings down the hefty tasks of manual configuration, extensive customization, as well as integration, within the shortest time possible. It’s little wonder then that AI and machine learning was a top priority investment for stakeholders in 2018.

9. Help desk and tech support

Desk professionals are now in high in demand in the technology market so that they can help diagnose issues more easily. While these professionals are often remote, it is still critical that they possess skills like communication and conflict resolution to help them excel in the market. Presently, technical support is the fourth most sought after tech skill in the technology labour market

10. Virtualization

A proficient way for reducing IT expenses and agility is through virtualization. It is responsible for helping the acceleration of cloud computing transformation. As things stand now, the demand for virtual machine software had a 2.9% increase in 2017, while it’s been predicted that this will grow at an average of 4.6% until 2022.

A lot of employees in the IT industry may not have thought about their current job and how to advance to their next promotion in the industry, while others don’t have the necessary skills to continue long-term in the industry. To survice and thrive, IT professionals need to broaden their skills as well as getting the necessary certifications. While these ten skills aren’t exhaustive (there are others that could become just as important) by incorporating them into your resume, you can make yourself an even more employable IT professional.  

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