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Is Your Startup Looking To Hire? Find The Right Employee By Looking For These Traits

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Your business is your creation. From its inception you’ve poured in your time, energy and money to make it a success. Now, it’s time to help it grow. But finding the right candidate to add to your team can be stressful, even overwhelming. Take the guesswork out of the equation by looking for candidates who exhibit these essential traits:

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Competent communicator

This trait might seem simple, but don’t be deceived! Not every person is a good communicator and good communicators can elevate your business to another level, in whatever position they hold.

Having an employee who can communicate effectively will help you function better as a team. If they don’t understand instructions, they’ll be able to explain what they don’t comprehend.

Furthermore, if the position will interact with customers a good communicator can better assist your clients. Words have the power to inform, persuade and influence—all helpful things to employ in a sales or customer service related position.

To discern whether your candidate is a good communicator, pay close attention to their communication with you. Read through any email exchanges and replay your conversations in your head. Were they professional and engaging? Were they grammatically correct and easy to understand? Answers to these questions can help you determine their level of competence.

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Optimistic believer

Don’t hire a Debbie Downer! In a brand new small business, one can easily become discouraged when goals aren’t met, or problems arise. Don’t add to this stress and negativity by hiring an employee who has a habit of focusing on the negative.

Each employee can affect the mood of your office and hiring an upbeat person can make an enormous difference. To attract candidates who have a positive, can-do attitude cultivate those attributes in yourself and make your company culture one that encourages these types of behaviors as well.

Driven self-starter

Imagine you’re stuck on the subway or your appointment at the dentist drags on longer than expected. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your employees were hard at work without needing guidance from you for a few hours?

Driven self-starters will come to work and get to work. After they understand their role and what’s expected of them, they will operate on their own—no hand holding needed.

Enthusiasm for their work can help you recognize someone who is a driven self-starter. Does your potential employee feel passionate about your company and the work you’re doing? If they do, they’ll be more likely to exhibit this trait as well.

Dedicated worker

A reliable, dedicated employee is worth their weight in gold. They will be dependable. They will show up to work on time and complete their tasks on time. They will come through for you in a pinch, every time.

So, how do you recognize a dedicated worker? Unless you’ve already developed a working relationship with your candidate it can be hard to tell.

The best way to find out whether your candidate will be dedicated is to follow up with their references. Ask their previous employers, managers and even co-workers about their work habits and tendencies. This will give you insight into how they’ll act in your workplace.

Truthful character

An employee who is truthful enables you to trust them. You can also rest easy knowing they’ll be straightforward with customers, acknowledge their mistakes and more.

Determining whether a candidate is honest may be tricky. First, you might validate some of the claims they’ve made on their resume such as skills, experience and more.

To do this you might administer skill tests or check with previous employers.

You can also observe candidates in other situations to help gauge their integrity or create mock situations for them to respond to and measure their responses.

The takeaway

Seek to find a candidate who exhibits the above attributes. Then, determine which traits are essential for your open position and prioritize traits according to your need. If you need a content writer, then a competent communicator should top your list.

However, if you’re looking for an assistant to help you with day to day activities someone who’s dedicated might become your top priority. Whatever you’re looking for don’t neglect any of the above traits to ensure you get the best person on your team.

About the author: Rachel spends her time writing and sharing recruiting knowledge with others. She writes for Built for Teams HR, a software designed to help small to mid-sized businesses with time off tracking, org charts and more. To learn more about this completely modern HR solution, check out the group behind its creation Objective Inc..

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