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Job Change
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There are many good reasons why you might daydream about a career change. You might be looking for better opportunities, more pay, less commute time, more personal fulfilment, or perhaps you just want to step off the merry-go-round and do something completely different. Before taking the plunge into uncharted waters and hoping for the best, check out some wise words of advice about how to change careers successfully and cautiously make new plans to find that dream job.

It’s important to do your research first, as it is rarely possible to return to your present job if things don’t quite work out as expected. Write down the things you want from your new career, and make sure there actually is such a job in reality. Making a list of the pros and cons of your present job situation can also help put things into perspective. That way you can clearly see what you will be giving up when you hand in your notice.  


If you’re an animal lover, then this may be the perfect job for you. There are many pet owners who don’t have enough time to give their furry (or scaley) companions the attention that they need, or they may have health problems and restrictions that prevent them from being able to fully care for their pets. You could offer a solution for the owner, which could potentially make a difference to their lives – particularly their furry (or scaley) friend!

This is also a great option for those who like to be self-employed, as you can choose your own hours and work around your daily schedule. Be advised though that the initial meetings may take longer than plan, so if you take on quite a few clients at once you may want to put aside quite a bit of time to start off. When booking in slots, be realistic with your time – if you’re OK with it, you may have to work a few late shifts.

If you’re part of a large family – especially with plenty of little ones – you could use your clients’ pets as an activity or a day out for everyone. A walk in the park with a group of dogs will be enough to get any child excited.

Holiday tour guide

There are many jobs in the travel and leisure sector combining global travel with (let’s not be naive here) some very long hours and hard work. However, if you’re unattached and love to travel, perhaps a job where you’re on permanent holiday could be a great new career move.

If you enjoy taking a coach holiday, why not apply for a job as a tour guide or coach driver? You may need to get some qualifications while still paying the bills from your current employment. You can also get some hands-on experience by taking a weekend job as a tour guide in a local museum or historic home attraction. Once you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s surprising how rejuvenated and excited you’ll feel, even if you do have to attend college in your spare time to get the necessary qualifications sorted.

The ultimate luxury holiday is on a cruise, and with almost as many staff as guests on-board, there are lots of opportunities for working on a cruise ship. From on-board customer service and entertainment to jobs in bars and restaurants, working on a cruise ship will certainly get you away from your hum-drum nine-to-five career.

Turn a hobby into a business

If you’re looking for job satisfaction, why not combine a hobby or passion with a career? As the saying goes, “find your passion first, job second”, and it makes good sense.

Returning to my earlier pet-themed example – you love animals, think about training as a dog groomer, offer a pet walking service or even kennel boarding for dogs, cats and caged birds if you have space. If that works out, you may decide to run your pet business part-time while training to be a veterinary assistant, a zookeeper or even a vet.

If you love to spend time at the beauty salon, why not think about training as a manicurist, hairdresser, masseuse or beauty therapist?  You can work for someone else, start your own business if you have the capital, or offer a home mobile service. Hands-on training is usually offered as part of the job with some college classes one day or evening per week until you’re qualified. While initially low-paid, it can be an enjoyable, sociable and rewarding career and of course, there are plenty of beauty perks!


While this job requires a few years of training, a career in teaching offers many benefits. You can teach your favourite subject to hundreds of children, sharing your passion and making a difference in their lives. You can also train for different positions, such as teaching assistant or a helper for those with learning difficulties – either way, there is plenty of flexibility with this career path.

In a survey composed by The Guardian, 57% of people stated that they became teachers as it offers variety and creativity, so it’s a perfect way to express your interests in a way that contributes to your local community. 

There are many options for those who are considering teaching as a second career. For starters, if you’re interested in teaching a subject that’s different to what you worked in previously, you can take a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course, as this broadens your knowledge within your chosen sector.  There are also bursaries and tuition loans that you may be eligible for when training.

In terms of other available training routes, you can try college or university, or even a School Direct course, which can be found on sites like UCAS.

As you can see, there are some very unique and wonderful job opportunities out there if you’re planning to make a career move, and these are just a few great examples – you could also try social work, HR, librarian, and many more! 

The important thing is not to rush into any change without due thought or, as the saying goes, it could be a matter of “act in haste; repent at leisure”. Hopefully, you’ll discover your dream career soon and can start making plans to make it a reality.

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