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How To Use Employee Onboarding For A Stress Free First Day  

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Congrats!  You got through the interview process, without making these common hiring mistakes, and picked the best candidate out of the bunch.  So now it’s onboarding time!  So what now?  It’s time to make sure you are giving off the best first impression on the first day.

Day One Shouldn’t Be The First Day

Sounds a bit confusing I know but hear me out.  Great employee onboarding starts before day one.  There are a lot of things to get set up prior to your new employee beginning.  Having a new employee show up without anything being ready for them causes stress on both sides.

Inform Your Staff

Let your current employees know that a new team member is joining.  Giving them the heads up will help prepare them to welcome the new kid.  Nothing is worse than walking into a new job to a bunch of confused faces wondering just who you are.

Set Up Their Desk And Decorate!

Make sure that his/her work area is ready to go with all the equipment they will need.  Also, be sure that logins are set up for them.  There have been many people who have had their first day spent in the support team area, and that’s not a great start.

Another great idea is to decorate!  Put a cute welcome sign up to make them feel like they are already a part of the team.

Add Their Initial Information

Add the new employee into your employee database with their basic information.  Assign them tasks and send them out an onboarding packet to complete.  Such items could include filling out emergency contacts, confirming their address, signing the employee handbook and I-9 forms.

A good onboarding system will help structure this part.  Unorganized onboarding can cause a lot of headaches when information gets missed and tasks don’t get done.  Find a good solution that will help you stay on track with tasks, automated processes, and tracking of due dates, priorities, etc.

Send A Welcome Email

Not only does this help with those pre-job jitters, but your future employee will also appreciate having all the information they need in one place. Include important details such as their start date and time, who to contact, the address, and any other information you want.  This will help guide your employee on the first day, so they don’t feel lost, especially if you have a large campus.

Have A Friendly Face Available

Give your new employee a friend.  This person can be more than just a trainer.  They need to be someone the new person can ask questions of and help walk them through their first days.

Also, invite them to lunch!  Show them the surrounding area, especially if they are new to that as well.

Day One

It’s here! Day one!  It’s time for all that hard work to pay off.

Your new employee is here, their workspace is set up, introductions are done, they are assigned to a friend, and it’s time to get started.

Introduce your employee to your onboarding intranet system.  Here they will be able to get any paperwork completed, explore the company’s policies, and have access to the employee directory (because no one is going to remember EVERYONE’S name they meet on the first day).

Make Them Feel Welcome And Check In On Them!

Now we know you did an AMAZING job getting everything prepared for an easy first day, but don’t forget about them!  Make sure you are checking infrequently, especially the first day to make sure they don’t have any new questions.

Have A Clear Path

Make sure there is a clear, outlined plan for them.  You want to make sure your new employee knows exactly what they need to work on.  Start with training on the company policies and procedures, then move into more specific details for their work.  Make sure to always be mindful of the employee’s career development for the future.  No one wants to be backed into a corner.

Consider An LMS

A learning management system can help specialize training for each employee.  Having a centralized place that a new employee can go to watch videos, view resources, and complete tasks – it helps with both employee engagement and retention.

It even comes in handy if there is a new project.  You can still use an LMS for seasoned employees as well.  A good LMS will let you assign training materials to make each one personalized and custom to each employee.

Never Stop Improving

With each new employee, take note of what worked and what didn’t.  Supervisors or managers should review the onboarding process periodically to make sure it’s accomplishing what they need.

Don’t forget to get feedback from the very people who went through it!  Get feedback from your existing employees so you can make a perfect onboarding plan. The same goes for offboarding – You want your employees to leave on a good note as well.

A great onboarding plan isn’t just one day, it can be months.  Make sure that the employee is well supported and you will see productivity from day one.  Overall, it should enable him/her to be the best they can be and help your company retain a fantastic new employee.

Author bio: Tiffany French is the Marketing Coordinator for Dock 365.  Dock 365 is an intranet SharePoint company that has a multitude of business solutions such as custom intranets, HRMS, Employee Onboarding, Learning Management Systems, Project Management Systems and more.  Please visit our site for more information or to schedule a free demo.



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