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How To Make Your Lunch Hour More Productive

How To Make Your Lunch Hour More Productive
Written by MicroStartups

Different employees spend their lunch breaks at work in various ways. Some decide to skip any form of relaxation to appear more productive, while others decide to sit back in the office and surf the internet or choose to fill their bellies to the fullest during lunch hours.

Most employees don’t notice that the way their lunch hours are spent has a significant effect on the rest of their workday, but doing something that benefits you during your lunch hour can, in fact, help enhance the quality of your work. That seemingly short amount of time that most people just want to get over with should be given more attention. There are a number of activities you can engage in during your lunch break that’ll make you feel fulfilled by the time you get back to work.

1. Eating cautiously during your lunch break

Most employees spend their lunch breaks trying to chug down food very quickly, eating whatever they can lay their hands on or skipping lunch altogether. However, doing all these actually has negative effects on the volume of work to be done by these workers. Studies have shown that your nutrition affects the quality of the work you do. By eating healthy and watching what you take in during your lunch break, you’re performing a semblance of meditation which puts you in a better mood. This way you get to take in the right number of calories, giving your body better shape and this infinitely makes you happier.

Being downcast and inactive during work hours in the afternoon could be a result of what you’re consuming during your lunch breaks. Plan your lunch hour carefully. Walk out to get your lunch the minute your lunch hour hits, take note of the time you’d be using to consume your food and get back to your office in time.

2. Mingle with people

It’s in our nature to share our experiences at and off work with other people. When people socialize, they become happy, and this enhances the mind’s wellbeing. Conversing with other people at lunch hour can help improve your performance at work for the rest of the day. You can decide to spend your lunch break with your closest colleagues at work, or you can check with your friends and family to see if your lunch hours coincide so you can spend them together. You can even decide to call friends you haven’t seen in a long while just to reconnect.

3. Go to the gym/ exercise

When you exercise or work out at the gym, your body structure gets enhanced, and you feel relieved of stress. This is why exercising is a recommended activity for you during your lunch break, as working out or exercising can go a long way to revitalize your energy needed for the rest of your workday.

Exercising during your lunch break comes in many forms. You can take a walk outside your office to perform a light exercise or, for those who struggle to stay motivated, you can work with a personal trainer to create a bespoke routine that will ‘educate and empower you to achieve your goals,’ as stated by Lab Spa. You could even join a short-term class which many gyms offer for workers who work out during their lunch hours. All you’d need to do is pick an exercise or work-out that you find interesting.

4. Set your schedule

Making up plans for something you want to do can have a positive effect on your brain, as your mind enjoys the fact that you have a goal or milestone to complete. The expectation alone can really boost your mood, making you happier and more productive during work. During your lunch hour, you can make plans to do something with your friend or relative after work, such as meeting for dinner, seeing a movie or even have a night in together. You can look up blog posts on the internet to find out fun places or activities you could embark on if you’re stuck for ideas. Knowing that you’ll be doing something fun later on is the perfect motivation for your work, as you’ll want to finish your tasks to avoid staying later or cancelling.

5. Take a short nap

 Our bodies respond to levels of stress at different parts of the day. Humans typically have a reduction in energy once its afternoon, which is why taking a short nap can help to improve your efficiency at work. It’s best to sleep for around 15 to 20 minutes so you don’t wake up feeling very eager to go back to sleep. When you take a rest this way, your head gets free of clogged-up information, helping to increase your productivity and creativity levels.

Your lunch hour is the perfect opportunity to create a boost that will carry you through the afternoon, helping you feel invigorated and ready to close your day on a high. Do whatever makes you happy and motivated, clear your mind from any tasks you worked on that morning (unless you’re in the middle of one!) and refresh yourself. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Author: Ruby Clarkson

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