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7 Digital Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Nonprofit

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When you run a nonprofit group, it can be a challenge to market your cause and organization on a limited budget. You need to be creative with the resources that you have and focus your energy on platforms that will give you the highest return. Luckily, in the age of the internet, there are numerous free and inexpensive ways to get the word out about your organization and increase your fundraising potential to continue to support your cause.

Digital Marketing Tips To Promote Your Nonprofit

Here are 7 digital marketing tips to get your nonprofit the volunteerism and funding it deserves.

Add A Donate Button to your Facebook Nonprofit Page

Social media is one of the premiere digital platforms used by nonprofit groups to raise awareness and garner new supporters. Facebook has improved their experience for nonprofit organizations by introducing a “donate” button. Once the button is added to your page, Facebook users simply click on the “donate” icon and are able to contribute to your cause instantly. When their donation is shared on their timeline, their friends will become aware of your organization and its mission, if they weren’t already, and you will gain prospective volunteers and donors. Your nonprofit must meet several requirements in order to qualify to use the button, including registration with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Allow Users to Create Facebook Fundraisers for Your Organization

Along the same lines, Facebook now allows users to create a site-based fundraiser for nonprofit groups that they support. In order to make your organization eligible to be the subject of a fundraiser, simply enable the option to do so under “donation settings” within “publishing tools” on your organization’s Facebook page. Users can then publicize your nonprofit on their timeline as part of their fundraising event. Your organization will benefit from the free advertising to new donor prospects, as well as the money donated as part of the fundraiser.

Apply for a Google Grant

Google is also doing its part to support nonprofit groups by driving traffic to the organization’s website through keyword searches and digital ads. Nonprofits rarely have a large budget, if any budget at all, earmarked for advertising. Therefore, Google awards up to $10,000 per month to eligible nonprofit groups to apply toward Google AdWords, the platform’s online advertising service. In order to apply, you must have an active website for your nonprofit with up-to-date content and be registered as a charitable organization with the IRS. There is also a science behind using keywords and how to develop ads to drive traffic to your organization’s website, so it is wise to have someone with digital advertising expertise working with you if you choose to go this route. Google will also manage your Ad Grants account and your advertising for you if you prefer that option.

Host a Twitter Chat

Another popular social media platform, Twitter, can be a boon to your nonprofit by increasing awareness and supporters of your cause. A Twitter Chat, which is a conversation centered around a specific hashtag, can get users actively involved in talking about your organization and your work, and increase your followers and interest in your nonprofit. In addition to developing a catchy hashtag, it’s important to be prepared and have something interesting and thought-provoking to talk about in order to compel users to want to respond, and make the chat successful.

Put Faces to Your Organization

Particularly in the age of social media, where images and videos are easily uploaded and shared, it is important to be visually present on the internet. It is easier for potential donors or volunteers to get invested in a cause, and harder for them to look away, when they are able to actually see the people, animals, or land that they will be helping. Instead of writing a lengthy post about what your organization does, share a captivating video or mesmerizing photo that will make social media users pause, reflect and hopefully click to learn more about your nonprofit. Videos and pictures are also more likely to be shared or retweeted, further increasing the donor and volunteer base for your organization.

Revisit Your Email Practices

It’s likely that your organization is already reaching out to previous volunteers and donors through digital communications. However, if you are looking to increase responsiveness or reinvigorate a subset of participants, you may want to take a more targeted approach to your email campaign. Break down the data available for the people on your email list, and look for patterns in donations, replies, and content that interests them. Rather than sending out mass emails to the entire list, send targeted messages that will resonate more deeply with the recipients based on past practices. These communications will feel more personal, and are less likely to be ignored.

Create a Social Media Challenge

Who doesn’t love a chance to be a winner, especially in the name of a good cause? A great way to draw attention to your nonprofit group and get people talking about your organization is to create a social media challenge or contest. It’s inbound marketing 101. This may entail asking users to post pictures or videos related to some aspect of your organization or cause, or encouraging users to answer questions or comment on social media posts in order to win a small prize. Sometimes the contest can be as simple as liking and/or sharing your Facebook page or a post that you wrote. In every case, new users are exposed to your organization and your mission through the likes, shares, posts and retweets of their friends.

While nonprofit organizations are working with very limited budgets, various digital platforms, such as Google and social media, have made it possible to find free and inexpensive ways to boost recognition of your organization. By employing some or all of these digital marketing tips, you will be well on your way to gaining prospective donors and raising awareness for your organization and your cause.

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