3 Ways To Nail Customer Service From The Get-Go

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As a new business, customer service needs to be at the forefront of your mind. Providing your growing customer base with second to none customer service will be essential to the success of your business both now and in the future. The thing is, it can be difficult to prioritize it when you have a million other things to deal with. What’s more, it can be challenging to know where you should even start.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide about how to nail customer service from the get-go as a new business. Follow our three easy-to-follow tips, and you’ll soon become known as the go-to business for world-class customer service.

Use a helpdesk

Imagine if your staff could streamline the management of all of your customer tickets, thanks to an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform. Your company would in time earn a reputation for its second-to-none customer service, and your customer service costs would also significantly decrease.

Using the right helpdesk can offer all of this and more. Be warned though: not all helpdesks are created the same. Many use outdated technology that is not only troublesome to use, but will also cost an arm and a leg to set up and run. In turn, they will cause inefficiencies and inaccuracies in your customer service experience, which could end up being a liability for your company.

We recommend looking into using an advanced cloud-based helpdesk. Cloud-based helpdesks are superior to other types due to the fact that they: are easy to set up and maintain, streamline ticket management, and are easily accessible by anyone granted access to it (whether that be your staff or customers). They make cumbersome tasks such as uploading files for internal and external sharing far easier as well.

So if you’re looking to streamline your customer service operations, reduce your customer service costs, and minimize the time it takes to resolve a problem or answer a question, a cloud-based helpdesk is the way to go.

Actively seek customer feedback

One of the best ways to nail customer service from the get-go as a new business is to actively seek customer feedback. Many businesses wait until they are more established before they seek customer feedback, thus missing out on the opportunity to hear what their customers are really thinking and looking for from the very beginning.

Think about it: wouldn’t it be more constructive to proactively make changes to your business based on early feedback, rather than to retroactively do so? It’s far easier to mold your business as it’s growing compared to when your operations are already all but set it stone. Seeking customer feedback doesn’t need to be difficult, either. There are so many ways to collect customer feedback, from email surveys to on-page feedback widgets.

Provide various feedback channels

Your customers are all unique, so it makes sense that their communication styles differ too. That’s why it’s important to provide customers with a variety of ways to communicate their queries and feedback to you.

One industry that has shown how to do this right is the airline industry. Major airline companies now allow customers to reach them in a number of ways. They’ve embraced the use of both modern channels of communication, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as more traditional customer service methods, such as telephone and email.

As an added bonus, using social media in this way has also been fantastic for their PR and branding efforts as well. Just check out the top 10 most popular Twitter accounts of international airlines and you’ll see that they have a loyal legion of followers in part because of the incredible customer service they demonstrate.

If you also take a similar multi-pronged approach that allows customers to easily reach out to you when they need to, you’ll be able to resolve disputes before they escalate and answer questions before your customers take their business elsewhere. Needless to say, as a new business, converting new customers to recurring ones is essential—and empowering them in this way is an easy way to achieve this goal.

This is a guest post from Angela Stringfellow at SupportBee.

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