Charity of the Month: Lend with Care

Written by MicroStartups

Supporting budding entrepreneurs is so important to us. It takes resourcefulness and persistence to make something from nothing and build it into an empire. So every month we are going to select a charity that supports entrepreneurs, new businesses, and other worthy causes, and offer our own support.

Lendwithcare Ethos

This month we have decided to support Lendwithcare, an incredible international development charity based in London. They use microfinancing to support entrepreneurs in the developing world, helping them to work their way out of poverty with dignity. Lendwithcare offers a secure way for small, micro-loans to be made to entrepreneurs in the developing world, enabling them to buy essential things to help them grow their business, getting it off the ground. Entrepreneurs decide themselves what they need and approach the charity with a business proposal and a request for funds. Entrepreneurs could need anything from more fertiliser for their family farm in Peru, to glass beads to help stock their corner shop in Iran.

Entrepreneurs looking for capital are highlighted on the charity’s website, allowing people to get involved with each entrepreneur’s individual story and donate with their hearts as well as their purses.

Once the entrepreneur’s business grows, they repay their lender and the money is either reinvested or withdrawn from the programme.lendlogo

Why We Love Lendwithcare

Lendwithcare offers entrepreneurs in the developing world a useful hand up. With these microloans, entrepreneurs can make their business successful and change their economic situations for good. Every entrepreneur that opens a business provides work opportunities for other local people, helping communities work their way out of poverty in a sustainable way.

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