Charity Of The Month: Turn2us

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Turn2us is a UK charity that helps people who are experiencing financial hardship. 

It provides financial support, guidance on how people can be lifted out of poverty, and valuable resources to those with financial issues.  

We explain all the great things that make Turn2us a worthy winner of our Charity of the Month. 

Turn2us provides support to people experiencing hardship 

Founded in 1897 by Elizabeth Finn, Turn2us has over 100 years of experience in helping people in poverty. 

The charity’s methods for tackling financial hardship is by giving people the tools to search for the finds they need, along with awarding its own grants – these coming from the  Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund, Turn2us Edinburgh Trust, and the Turn2us Response Fund. 

Turn2us explains that “anyone can be a missed pay-cheque, illness or bereavement away from a real financial crisis,” meaning it’s a charity that’s there to support everyone. 

Turn2us gives people the tools they need to tackle poverty 

Turn2us seeks to empower people in poverty or financial hardship and it does so in three main ways: 

Benefits calculator

A free tool that helps people to find out if they’re entitled to any state benefits.  

Grant search 

A search tool that allows people on low incomes to see if they’re eligible for non-repayable grants. 

Support, information, and help 

A range of resources to help people experiencing financial hardship. 

Show your support by helping Turn2us to tackle poverty

There are two main ways that you can support Turn2us in its goal of tackling poverty in the UK – fundraising and donating.


  • Join a challenge event 
  • Organise an event of your own 


  • Give a donation 
  • Leave a gift in your will 
  • Make a donation in memory 

If you want to show your support for this great UK charity then get in contact with Turn2us’ fundraising team. 

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