Charity Of The Month: Trust Leeds

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Our August 2021 Charity of the Month is an organisation that helps to build “financial independence, confidence and self-reliance”. 

Trust Leeds achieves its goals by offering microfinance and nurturing self-reliant groups (SRGs), so people have the tools, opportunities and support they need to change their lives. 

Our profile explains the mission, methodology and projects that make Trust Leeds a very worthy addition to the charities we highlight. 

Trust Leeds helps adults who are unemployed & impoverished   

Trust Leeds website features a video that explains “who we are and what we do”. The headline to this video is that there 17,000 adults in Leeds are unemployed, while a further 43,000 struggle with in-work poverty. 

Trust Leeds is clear about what the impact of this is, with its video stating that these numbers mean more people in Leeds are experiencing “loneliness, lack of purpose, poverty, digital exclusion and a lack of joy”. 

The charity was founded to tackle these issues and it does so through the provision of microfinance and self-reliant groups.

Trust Leeds builds independence via financial & social support

Unemployment and in-work poverty is a significant issue in Leeds, with thousands of families trapped in an existence that doesn’t allow them to achieve their full potential. Trust Leeds offers the financial and social support people need to shine. 

Trust Leeds uses two methods to help people experiencing unemployment and in-work poverty: 

  • Microfinance: the charity provides small, ethical loans for business ventures  
  • Self-reliant groups: the charity nurtures groups where local people help each other 

Visit Trust Leeds now and head to the charity’s ‘About’ page to learn more about how the organisation helps people to achieve their full potential. 

How can I help Trust Leeds to continue its good work? 

Trust Leeds uses microfinance and self-reliant groups to give people the support they need to lift themselves out of poverty. But the charity needs support from you to continue helping the thousands of people affected by poverty in Leeds.

You can support Trust Leeds by making a donation to the organisation today. The charity even explains what your money goes towards, stating that these are the things your gift could provide to the people of Leeds: 

  • £10 pays for a self-reliant group meeting where local people support each other
  • £120 gives you a one year membership of the Trust Leeds Supporters Club 
  • £1,000 helps Trust Leeds to offer microfinance loans to people 

Show your support for Trust Leeds by donating to the charity today. Your contribution will help impoverished people to become independent, confident and self-reliant. 

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