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Charity of  the Month: The Rank Foundation

Charity of the Month -The Rank Foundation
Written by MicroStartups

Our first COTM of 2019 is the legacy of one of Kingston upon Hull’s most famous philanthropists, James Arthur Rank. The charity celebrates leadership, enterprise, innovation and we think that’s wonderful. Congratulations, The Rank Foundation!

Helping through social enterprise since the 1950s

Having achieve huge success as an industrialist, J Arthur Rank founded a charity in 1953. The purpose of the charity was to give others the opportunity to build their own futures. He saw young people as the “the seed corn of the future and the leaders of tomorrow.” The Rank Foundation has helped the leaders of tomorrow with social aid today since then.

How The Rank Foundation promotes social enterprise

The Rank Foundation uses engaged philanthropy to promote social enterprise. It does this by providing funding and training to help the next generation. It does so in four main ways: Leadership; The School Leadership Award; Time to Shine; Pebble Grants.


The Rank Foundation works with leaders who promote social enterprise. It assists these leaders by offering funding, and networking opportunities.

The School Leadership Award

Gifted sixth form girls and boys get financial aid to help them become the next leaders. Approximately 1,500 young leaders helped through their education since 1978.

Time To Shine

The Rank Foundation provides internships to help young people build their futures. 120 charities have been supported by a Time To Shine since 2008.

Pebble Grants

UK charities can apply for a grant to help secure funding for projects they’re working on. Check out the Pebble Grants page now to see if your charity is eligible for funding.

What can you do to help The Rank Foundation?

We’ve only covered part of the great work The Rank Foundation does to help promote social enterprise. You can show your support for this wonderful charity by spreading the word about what they do.

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