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Charity of the Month: The Money Charity

Charity of the Month -The Money Charity
Written by MicroStartups

The holiday season is here and we’re back with our final angelic organisation of 2018. But unlike Santa, this charity doesn’t only bring joy once a year. This Christmas we’re celebrating the work of The Money Charity.

Improving financial capability in the UK since the 1990s

Without knowing the value of money and how to plan your finances, you’ll never be able to run a successful business. The Money Charity started in 1994 with a mission to help people in debt. They soon became aware that the best way to make a difference was to prevent debt.

The Money Charity believe that managing your money gives you control over your life. It also gives you the opportunity to take a business idea to a lender, or start your own company with confidence. They give people control by teaching them the skills to be financially capable.

How The Money Charity helps people achieve financial control

Managing your personal and business finances is a daily task. It’s a mindset to live your life by. The Money Charity has four objectives to give people control over their finances.

Young people

The Money Charity works with schools. They provide support to children, helping those in both formal and informal education.


Not everyone is given the tools to manage their finances from childhood. The Money Charity visit workplaces and community organisations to give adults the support they need.


The Money Charity works together with companies in the finance and credit industries. They do this to create a more financially capable environment for the UK.

Policy and research

Through research and policy work, The Money Charity helps to keep money management high on the UK Government’s agenda.

What can do to help people improve their money management?

There are two ways you can show your support to this wonderful charity.


Donating £1000 pays for The Money Charity to provide five interactive education workshops. This will help an entire year group of students to manage their finances.

Become a corporate partner

This gives you a chance to pass on your valuable skills and experience. You can also help The Money Charity to introduce new services and products to improve financial capability.

This wonderful charity has been doing wonderful things for three decades. Head over to The Money Charity’s official website now to find out even more about what they do.

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