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Charity Of The Month: The Highlife Centre

Charity Of The Month -The Highlife Centre
Written by MicroStartups

We’re back with another splendid charity doing splendid things. Our latest winner is focused on creating a fairer society. How? By giving people the skills to develop and secure long-term employment. Congratulations to The Highlife Centre!

The Highlife Centre helps minority groups & NEETs

A registered charity since 2013, The Highlife Centre provides support to residents of deprived areas in Coventry and Warwickshire. It works with people lacking jobs, confidence, and opportunities, with 80% of those it helps coming from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities.

Alongside its work with minority groups, The Highlife Centre focuses on helping NEETs (not in employment, education or training) aged between 18-30 years old – it works particularly well with unemployed single parents.

How is The Highlife Centre making society fairer?

The Highlife Centre works to help disadvantaged members of society, providing them with the skills and opportunities to achieve personal development and gainful employment. It does this through three primary activities:

  • Specialist Intervention Services: Focused on personal and financial wellbeing
  • Business/Enterprise & Employment: Aimed at giving people business skills
  • Community Development Service: Tackling isolation through community inclusion

What can I do to help The Highlife Centre?

Like all registered charities, the good work that The Highlife Centre does cannot be sustained without help from sponsors. Get in touch with The Highlife Centre today and help this wonderful charity to continue making society fairer.



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