Charity Of The Month: STEM Inclusion Foundation

STEM Inclusion Foundation
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We’re really behind STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) charities – in September 2019 we made the Lightyear Foundation our Charity of the Month, and this month we’re bestowing the honour on the STEM Inclusion Foundation. Why? Because it’s working to address the gender imbalance in A-level maths, physics, and computer science.

STEM Inclusion Foundation is helping girls succeed in STEM

STEM Inclusion Foundation was established in 2016 with one goal – to help girls achieve their potential in STEM and level-up female representation in those subjects.

Is female underrepresentation in STEM a problem? Very much so – in 2018 girls made up less than 50% of the entrance for the following A-level subjects:

  • Computer science: 12%
  • Physics: 22%
  • Maths: 39%

The end result is that women in STEM earn an average of 11.9% less than their male counterparts.

How is this charity getting more girls into STEM subjects?

To increase female representation in STEM subjects, the STEM Inclusion Foundation runs Computer Science, Maths & Physics Girls’ Scholarship in partnership with the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Initially launched in the 2017/18 academic year for A-level maths and physics, the STEM Inclusion Foundation’s scholarship has been expanded to include computer science. It now offers up to £200 to girls who enrol in one of these three subjects.

Is the scholarship a success? You bet! While the charity doesn’t yet have figures for computer science, enrolment in maths and physics both saw an increase – 8% for the former and 10% for the latter.

How can I help STEM Inclusion Foundation achieve its goals?

Like all charities, the STEM Inclusion Foundation needs donations to survive – if you want to increase female representation in STEM subjects, send a donation to this terrific charity today.




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