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Charity of the Month: Social Mobility Business Partnership

Social Mobility Business Partnership
Written by MicroStartups

There’s nothing foolish about our April charity of the month. This organisation brings together the talents of over 100 leading institutions to help low-income students get their dream career. Congratulations to the wonderful Social Mobility Partnership.

Who is Social Mobility Business Partnership?

Forged from the highly-regarded Legal Social Mobility Partnership, Social Mobility Business Partnership (SMBP) has a simple mission – to students from low-income households and backgrounds the support they need to get the job they deserve, with a focus on people pursuing a career in the finance or legal sectors.

What is SMBP doing to support low-income students?

SMBP runs a programme that teaches students about a range of industry essentials – The Bar Standards Board, SRA, Law Society of Scotland, ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA, and, CILEx.

The programme includes a week where students are shown the skills they need to forge a career, spending a day at four businesses. Students also go to a professional sports club, where they are taught “the psychology of resilience and goal achievement models.”

Once these training experiences are complete, the attendees get virtual coaching from professionals in the business and accountancy sectors – this includes interview prep, help with application forms, and guidance on how to create a CV.

How you can help Social Mobility Business Partnership?

Social Mobility Business Partnership is doing a lot of great work to help students who need help to get their dream job, but it can do everything alone. To help SMBP achieve its goals of making a great career available to everyone, you can make a donation to this fantastic charity.



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