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Charity of the Month: Social Investment Business

Written by MicroStartups

MicroStartups’ latest COTM is an organisation that helps charities and social enterprises by offering financial support. Social Investment Business is helping to make the world a better place and we salute its great work!

Who is Social Investment Business & how is it helping society?

Social Investment Business (SIB) was created by the UK government in 2002. SIB started as the Adventure Capital Fund, with its mission being to support community enterprises with social investment. SIB has provided over £400 million in loans and grants to charities and social enterprises since it was founded.

What are the core values of Social Investment Business?

SIB is based upon five core values, which it uses to ensure the investment it gives goes towards improving society:


  • Putting people first: Putting people at the centre of its operations
  • Curiosity: Seeking out new ways of solving issues within society
  • Boldness: Being happy to taking risks if the goal is to improve people’s lives
  • Collaboration: Working with partners to broaden the impact it can make
  • Accountability: Living by a motto that reads: “deliver what we say we will”

Some of Social Investment Business’ success stories

SIB has helped hundreds of charities and social enterprises to give others a better live. Some of the most important success stories to come from SIB’s investment include:

Ardgowan Hospice

Ardgowan Hospice gives healthcare to patients who have “life-limiting illnesses.”

Café Van Gogh

A South London vegan restaurant, Café Van Gogh works closely with its community by offering events. Café Van Gogh supports its communal residents by providing jobs for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Cycle Penistone

Cycle Penistone is making cycling more inclusive by delivering a range of services to people living in Yorkshire and Humberside.

How can you help Social Investment Business

If you’re an individual who loves to see charities delivering on their mission to improve society, shout on social media about the great work being done by Social Investment Business.

Private companies can help SIB achieve its goals by partnering with the organisation – find out more about partnership opportunities by speaking to SIB’s Caroline Forster.

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