Charity Of The Month: Shivia

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Our first Charity of the Month for 2021 is an organisation that works to empower some of the poorest people in India, offering them the support they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

It does so through a variety of economic programmes, from poultry farming to cooking schemes. 

Our profile outlines what Shivia is doing to help people gain long-term economic independence. 

Shivia helps some of the poorest people in India 

Founded in 2008, Shivia is a UK registered charity that works with some of India’s poorest people.

It works with people in need of support and guidance to gain the economic independence to take themselves out of poverty, with its programmes having a particular focus on women. 

In 2020, the charity launched Shivia Livelihoods Foundation — an organisation that expands its charitable work and aims to set itself up as a thought leader in the livelihood sector.

Promoting economic empowerment via a range of programmes 

Shivia’s mission is promote economic empowerment and it has three goals that support this:

  • Helping poor people in India to earn a decent living 
  • Providing people with the tools and training to launch a market-driven enterprise
  • Developing programmes that support its beneficiaries 

Those programmes take in a broad range of disciplines designed to give people the skills, tools and strategies they need to gain economic independence. It currently operates five programmes: 

  • Poultry Development Services 
  • Agri-Management Services
  • Goat Farming
  • The Beautypreneur Programme
  • Cook Training Programme

You can find out more about what they involve by visiting Shivia’s Our Programmes page. 

How can I help Shivia to support people in India?

Shivia is very upfront about what it needs to continue doing its great work. It states that it needs to raise £350,000 every year to be able to support some of India’s poorest people. 

You can help the charity to reach this target by making a contribution in one of these ways:

  • Direct donation 
  • Regular giving 
  • Shopping online with Go Raise And Amazon Smile 
  • Corporate donations
  • Fundraising 

Show your support for Shivia and the people it helps by visiting the Shivia donation page now and making a contribution in the way that works best for you or your business. 

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