Charity Of The Month: Shanti Life

An Indian women holds a baby and smiled because Shanti Life has helped provide them with access to sanitation
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Our May 2021 Charity of the Month profiles a not for profit organisation that creates sustainable living through microfinance. 

Shanti Life provides vulnerable women from India with training to help them build a business and access sanitation to enable them to live in a safe environment. 

We explain all the good things Shanti Life is doing to help people who need it. 

Shanti Life helps vulnerable communities

Shanti Life was founded to help Indian village communities to gain access to the resources they need to live in sanitary conditions and achieve financial independence. 

Shanti Life’s website explains that the organisation “care[s] about giving back”. 

It goes on to explain that Shanti Life wants to “transfer our skills in entrepreneurship, finance, technology, social work, sustainability and training to people who are vulnerable”. 

The organisation adds “the poor do not have access to resources so we ensure they can get those resources and become independent from the loan cycle. Our interest rates are amongst the lowest MFIs and are used for local administration. We care about paying it forward so once a loan has been repaid it gets recycled”.

Shanti Life helps women build businesses & sanitary conditions

Shanti Life uses the following projects to achieve its mission of giving back by using its members’ skills to provide people with financial independence, entrepreneurship training and water sanitation: 

  • Flush It Forward: helps vulnerable Indian women to access sanitation facilities
  • Build a Business: provides training and resources to build sustainable businesses 

Shanti Life explains that “once a woman has a toilet in or near her home she will be provided with funds to set up her own small business. Sustainable businesses include sewing, textiles, artistry, and down-payment for a rickshaw”.

You can discover more about what these two projects involve and how they’re managed by our latest Charity of the Month by visiting the Shanti Life website now. 

How can I help Shanti Life improve lives? 

Shanti Life is a not for profit organisation listed on the UK’s register for charities. 

This means the organisation needs financial assistance from people like yourself to be able to provide training to people who are vulnerable and give access to sanitation and financial aid. 

You can make a donation today with a one-off contribution, or sign up for regular payment to show your ongoing support to this terrific organisation. 

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