Charity Of The Month: PIE Project

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Our August 2019 charity of the month makes the “connection between education and the world of work”. They collaborate with over 50 schools and have made the world a better place for thousands of children, congratulations to the PIE Project.

The PIE Project builds links between business & education

One of the hardest things in life is being able to transfer your classroom skills into the real world. Since 2013 The Primary Inspiration through Enterprise has had a simple mission: “To build effective business education links to support the development of young people and strengthen communities”.

The PIE project began in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, with four schools. In less than a decade the programme has increased to now be more than 10x its original size, working with over 3,000 pupils from more than 50 schools.

How PIE Project makes the connection between school & work

Many charities do great work helping children to forge a career. These charities have incredible programmes, but they are rarely tailored to the needs of individual children – the PIE Project is an exception to this.

The PIE Project helps children to build the skills and knowledge bases they need, by offering help and support that’s unique to them. The charity works with children as young as eight and uses a methodology based on “effective communication, collaboration and celebration”.

What can you do to help the PIE Project achieve its mission?

Like all charities, the good work carried out by the Pie Project is able to be done because of help from generous and caring donators. To help the Pie Project continue to build a brighter future for children across the UK, submit a donation today.

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