Charity Of The Month: The Mustard Seed Project

A group of school children stand by a tree and bush as they wait to start their lessons at The Mustard Seed Project school
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Our February 2021 Charity of the Month supports one of the most important assets there is: education. It runs a school in Kenya, educating 275 children aged from 3 years to 14 years. 

The charity gives children a chance to open the door to a better future, giving them the tools they need for future success. 

Our profile explains all the great things The Mustard Seed Project is doing to help these kids. 

The Mustard Seed Project educates children in Kenya’s oldest city 

The Mustard Seed Project founded its school in 2008. It did so after its members visited Mombasa and saw the pressing need to provide an organisation that gave Kenyan children the education they deserve. 

The charity launched its school with two teachers, two classrooms and 17 students. Within a year the number of pupils it taught had increased to 35 and The Mustard Seed Project moved its school to a new building. 

Today The Mustard Seed Project teaches close to 300 children and it’s moved to an even bigger school — one that can provide its students with even better facilities. 

The Mustard Seed Project wants children to get the education they deserve 

Nelson Mandela once said that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

He wasn’t wrong. Education gives people access to greater opportunities and allows them to become masters of their own destiny. 

The Mustard Seed Project wants Kenyan children to get the education they deserve and to have the opportunity to forge their own futures. These are some of the things the charity incorporates into each school day to provide kids with this opportunity: 

  • Jigsaw puzzles: to help develop spatial awareness 
  • Lunch: the children are given a balanced meal every day
  • Communal learning: the kids sit at desks together 

You can learn more about the charity’s education programmes and students by visiting The Mustard Seed Project website. 

How can I help The Mustard Seed Project continue its great work?

The Mustard Seed Project gives children in Kenya the chance to get an education, something that many people take for granted. But the charity needs funding to be able to provide this and you can help them by donating to its cause. 

You can send a monthly donation or make a one off contribution. However, that’s not all you can do to help. You can also support The Mustard Seed Project in these ways: 

  • Sponsor a child 
  • Become a volunteer 
  • Fundraising 
  • Leaving a gift in your will 
  • Donate to our shopping list 

Education should be a given for everyone. It’s the greatest tool for social mobility and the most powerful weapon in the fight against inequality. 
Make a donation to The Mustard Seed Project today and give its students the opportunity to forge the bright future they deserve.

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