Charity Of The Month: MicroEnterprise Africa

Malawians dancing because they’ve received support from MicroEnterprise Africa
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Our April 2021 Charity of the Month is a UK-based and Malawi-focussed organisation that helps to launch entrepreneurs in Africa. 

MicroEnterprise Africa (MEA) provides finance, advice and mentoring to small businesses and smallholders, giving them the support they need to build strong companies.  

We explain everything MicroEnterprise Africa is doing to make a real difference in the world. 

MicroEnterprise Africa helps to lift Malawians out of poverty 

MicroEnterprise Africa (MEA) is based in London, UK. The charity’s three trustees have backgrounds in accountancy, finance, insurance, teaching and psychotherapy but all share a belief that creating strong local businesses is the best way to tackle poverty. 

MEA supports local businesses in Africa, working principally with farmers and entrepreneurs in Malawi. Many of these entrepreneurs employ local people to help them run their companies, providing further support to their community. 

The charity’s website provides some background to the situation in Malawi, explaining: 

“Most of Malawi’s 16 million population rely on subsistence farming, but the food supply situation can be precarious and the country is prone to natural disasters. 

“The government’s programme of fertilizer subsidies has boosted output in recent years, but there is still an urgent need to increase farm skills and productivity”.

MEA launches small businesses & supports local agriculture 

MicroEnterprise Africa (MEA) is a charity that’s focussed on helping people from Malawi to lift themselves out of poverty. MEA helps Malawians in the following ways: 

You can learn more about how these two approaches work in practice by visiting the MicroEnterprise Africa website and reading up on what the charity is doing to help Malawians. 

How can I help MicroEnterprise Africa continue its great work?

MicroEnterprise Africa is a registered UK charity. This means it relies on the support of generous donors, like yourself, to achieve its mission of giving Malawians the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. 

There are two main ways you can help MicroEnterprise Africa continue its great work: 

  • Volunteering: give your time to help mentor Malawian entrepreneurs
  • Donating: make a one-off or monthly donation to MicroEnterprise Africa 

MicroEnterprise Africa helps a huge amount of people from one of the poorest countries in the world. Help this fantastic charity to continue supporting people in need by showing your support today. 

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