Charity Of The Month: Lightyear Foundation

Lightyear Foundation
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It’s that time again when we celebrate the achievements and ambitions of a wonderful charity. For September 2019, we’ve picked an organisation that’s “breaking down the barriers to disabled children taking part in STEM”. Take a bow Lightyear Foundation.

Lightyear Foundation wants equal opportunities for all

Lightyear Foundation is a scientific charity that was created to “break down barriers to science for all”. The specific barriers it seeks to break down are those which stop disabled children from getting access to STEM – science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

The charity was founded after a scientific tour of Ghana in April 2010, one that was supported by the International Astronomical Union. During the tour, an inflatable planetarium was used to teach young Ghanaians about the planets and stars. Since then, Lightyear Foundation has helped an enormous number of children to connect with STEM.

Lightyear Foundation teach life skills via sensory workshops

Speaking from experience, sensory workshops are an enormously beneficial way of helping disabled people to learn – they make the learning process experiential, tapping into a range of skills and turning it into active participation. Lightyear Foundation champions the value of sensory workshops and uses them to teach disabled children about STEM.

Lightyear Foundation’s sensory workshops are “led by drama professionals playing entertaining characters”. They employ storytelling to get their messages across, with the focus on safari, space, and human body themes.

In addition to the sensory workshops, Lightyear Foundation also holds work inspiration days and offers a role model programme – the former lets young scientists see STEM in action, while the latter highlights disabled scientists.

How can I help Lightyear Foundation continue its great work?

Donations are one of the key ways that you can help Lightyear Foundation to continue its mission to make STEM accessible to everyone – the charity relies on these donations to give it the finances to offer learning schemes. But donations aren’t the only way you can get involved – you can also volunteer your skills and experience to help Lightyear Foundation.



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